#AtoZChallenge: “R” is for RHODES

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#AtoZChallenge: "R" is for RHODES
Day 18: April 21

The Greek island of Rhodes is located in the eastern Aegean sea, off the coast of Turkey.
We spent some time there last Sept., as part of a five day cruise.

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The Medieval Old Town in the City of Rhodes has been declared a
World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

medieval city entrance
Medieval City entrance
medieval city centre
Medieval City centre

The Knights of St. John, aka Knights Hospitaller were the ruling force on Rhodes from 1309 until 1522, when the Turks drove them out. They eventually settled in Malta.

Unfortunately, on the day we visited, the Knights’ castle was closed due to a general strike (not uncommon in Greece, with the current economic and political climate), so we could only view it from the outside. What a pity! 🙁

Exterior, Place of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes:

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This tourist video shows what we missed, (ie, the palace interior), starting at 1:31:

About 48 km south of Rhodes (city) is the town of Lindos. Once again we were cheated out of visiting the major attraction there, the Acropolis. On the other hand, we would have had to climb 100 stairs, which seemed a bit daunting at the time. Still disappointing!

Lindos Acropolis
Acropolis at Lindos, Rhodes

Watching this video now, makes me even more sorry we missed it. Good reason to go back!

This cave below the Acropolis has an interesting history:

Lindos cave
Scenes from the 1961 movie “Guns of Navarone” were filmed here.

Many of the walkways and entrances in Lindos are beautifully paved in stone.
This artwork is known as “Choklakia”:

lindos walkways and entranceways

Despite the shortened itinerary, we enjoyed this tour of Rhodes immensely.
Another beautiful Greek island, steeped in history!

Have you ever been to Rhodes? Would you like to go?

Looking forward to your comments!

All photos ©DDB

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30 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: “R” is for RHODES

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  2. I just realized I have no idea when they started using the whitewash and vibrant colors on buildinds in Greece and Turkey on those many islands. It’s such a contrast to the barren land. I love the medieval city centers and entranceways. Truly a journey to another world.

  3. Another lovely travel destination. I especially like those designs, whatchamacallits? Choklakias? I like to doodle like that. I think I’d enjoy Zentangles like Lauren and Kathy.

    Too bad you missed a few places but a good excuse to return. Thanks for another entertaining virtual travel adventure.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos – I especially appreciate the “Choklakia” photo, as with my own challenge this month I’m seeing tangles everywhere! Sorry you missed a couple of spots, but you’re right – all the more reason to go back!

  5. Rhodes is magnificent! I am going back this year for a short moment, as I’m going to the island of Symi, nearby. I might revisit a bit, since I haven’t seen the Acropolis when I went there. Thank you for sharing those beautiful images of Greece!
    With great respect! A.

    1. Yes, there was a certain magic to Rhodes. I remember Russ commented a few times on my Facebook photos of Greece. Hope you get there one day, Mary.

  6. Another photography heaven……Sigh. On the other hand I might need more than week and my better half would have gone crazy 🙂


  7. We visited Rhodes also on a 5 day cruise. We went to Lindos — and climbed up all the steps — and it was really, really hot, but the remnants of history all around truly blew me away. (History was one of my majors in college 😉 When we were there, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier was anchored off shore. Tensions were high in the area, so the sailors were told to dress in civilian clothes if they had shore leave. To say they still stood out would be a massive understatement.

    1. HI Suzanne; I regret not being able to visit the Lindos Acropolis and the Grand Master’s palace. Yes, American sailors would definitely stand out, regardless how they dress. During our tour, people were congregating all over town, getting ready for a massive protest march. This was the only evidence we saw of the trouble in Greece. They generally do a good job keeping it away from the tourists. I’m a history buff myself and visiting Greece was the fulfillment of a life long dream! Thanks for dropping by. Doing Santorini, next. 🙂

  8. Good choice for R, Debbie:-) I used to work in Rhodes with tourists from back home— many many years ago:-) Thanks for taking me back – enjoyed so much to see it again through your eyes:-)

    1. I really enjoyed Rhodes and was sorry we couldn’t see everything that day. Next time, (if there is one), we’ll stay overnight and make up for it. Must have been an interesting job for you. Thanks for visiting, Eli. 🙂