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As of this writing, Wednesday April 23, the problem seems to be resolved.
Thank you Nick Hamze, at Akismet!


So, here we are, in the home stretch of the infamous #AtoZChallenge Blogging extravaganza, and suddenly I find my comments on others’ WordPress blogs vanishing into thin air!

This is truly vexing!!

Am I suddenly on some shit list for being a spammer??! MOI???! This is only happening on WordPress blogs (no issues at all with Blogger), so I’m guessing it could be the Akismet or some other spam blocker which has deemed me an undesirable. I have already contacted Akismet to see if they can rectify it. In the meantime, I beg your indulgence. Please check your spam folders, in case there’s a comment from me. If there is, please mark it as NOT SPAM and approve it, so life can be wonderful again.

Thanks very much! ♥



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  1. Debbie–I’ve noticed that, too. It only happens with one that I know of–I just don’t know why, either. Hmmm As you aid–very annoying.

  2. So, the latest is, that most blogs are okay again, with a couple of exceptions.
    Am trying to get around that but using a different account, like Twitter and also a proxy. Tried to change my IP address using IPconfig but it didn’t work.

  3. Yup I just checked and all your lovely comments were in my spam folder. Thanks for letting us know. It’s been a hassle for you, I’m sure,especially during A to Z. Going to visit Rhodes with you now 🙂

  4. Debbie – no wonder I haven’t seen you on my blog! Thank goodness we can email. My comments don’t always post on your site either. It’s the thing that’s most frustrating about blogging sites!

    1. Hi Sammy, you mentioned that recently, yet I saw all of your comments and replied to them. Could you check your spam and trash folders, just in case? One person said my comments were in spam. Thanks.

  5. It sounds like you are taking the correct action. A while back I got on some kind of bad boy list where my comments where being blocked and I took the action you’ve taken. I was cleared of any wrongdoings and haven’t had a problem with commenting since.Good luck with it!

    Leaving a comment on your site is kind of annoying too. I hope this goes through with the time I’m spending trying to send it.


    1. Hello and welcome to The Den, Lee.:) Apologies for any annoyances. Could you tell me specifically what the issue is and maybe I can fix it? I do use the G.A.S.P. program from Commentluv and first timers need to be approved before their comment appears. Once that’s been done though, there shouldn’t be any further problems. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment despite that.

      1. First of all hyperlinks are rejected. Since by habit I use a signature link in all of my comments so recipients can find me if they’d like to reciprocate comments, by habit I used this method on your blog and the comment was rejected. The spammer box that I had checked was erased without me noticing so the next attempt was rejected.

        I guess since I try to comment quickly I was getting frustrated. I forget the other two things that happened when I tried to put the comment through, but it took me four tries. Now I’ll be accustomed to leaving a comment here. I hope.


        1. Sorry you had such a hard time, Lee. 🙁 Self-hosted WordPress is very different from Blogger. Yes, hyperlinks will always be rejected, but the Commentluv allows you to add a “Do-Follow” link to a recent post of your choice, which automatically brings me to your site. 🙂 You are “whitelisted” now, so it should be smooth sailing. Thanks for persevering! BTW, I loved your “R” memoir. Cheers!

  6. I’m going to check my Akusmet filter. The problem is that I get over 1,000 spam comments a week, so some good ones get lost in the mess. But, I really do appreciate your efforts!

    1. Thanks Suzanne. It’s weird, because everything was fine until yesterday and I didn’t do anything differently.

  7. ‘Tis something that really gets under your skin , Debbie, I went through the same situation a while back, so flipping frustrating, ‘cos there’s no way of getting round it… . I kept sending emails and tweeted to those I could saying my comments were in their spam box. Hope it getscsirted soon my friend. xPenx

      1. Well, I sent an email to Akismet. Everything was fine until yesterday! I don’t understand it either. 🙁 I remember when you went through that, Penny and now know how you must have felt! How long did it take to get sorted out?

  8. I have one domain that my own ISP blocks because some creeps send spam in its name.

    Death to Internet pirates and spammers!

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