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jan. 1 2014

Time passes so quickly and soon, 2013 will be just a memory.

What a memory though; one of the best years ever, (so far)!

Filled with music and travel, two of my favourite things.

The Highlights:

January –Archives

Jan. 18: Took the plunge and became a “webmaster”, (not that I know what I’m doing, really), by switching this blog from a free platform to a self-hosted, paid one. This allows much more freedom of expression. For now, it’s an expensive hobby, but eventually, I would like to at least recoup the costs involved and maybe even earn a few bucks.

Thanks to my friends and followers for your support!

moving van

Welcome to The New Den!

Jan. 27: Turned 58. Starting to feel my age, but it sure beats the alternative!

Best & Worst Birthdays

February – Archives

Feb. 8: Drove 4 hours through a blizzard to see Eric Burdon & The (new) Animals. Aren’t we hardy Canadians, eh? Yes, it was totally worth it and this was a “Concert Bucket List” item.

Eric Burdon thumbnail

Eric Burdon

Feb. 19: Saw The Who in concert for the first time. Loved it; Roger and Pete were amazing! Crossed another one off the “Concert Bucket List”!

The Who

The Who

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June – Archives

Jun. 6: Attended The Rolling Stones’ “50 and Counting Tour” concert.
This was my first, (and probably only, because of the cost), Stones concert and it did not disappoint.
Mick and the boys were in fine form.

mick jagger

The Rolling Stones

Jun. 28: Hubby turned 63. Still looks great! (Of course, I’m just a little biased, but people are always shocked to learn how old he is.)

hubby 2013


July – Archives

Jul. 23: Saw Heart in concert for the third time. Those ladies sure can rock!

Heart concert Jul. 2013


August – Archives

Aug. 4: Celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary. It’s been that long, already??!

How Sweet It Is

It Was 40 Years Ago!

How to Sustain a Love Relationship

Aug. 14: Attended a Black Sabbath concert for the first time, suitably decked out in black and purple. We had so much fun, we’ll be doing it again, next April!

black sabbath

Aug. 30: Embarked on our month long trip to Italy, Germany & Greece.


40th anniversary trip

Sept. 29: Returned from Europe. Trip of a lifetime!

40th Anniversary Trip

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Dec. 15: Attended Rod Stewart’s “Live the Life Tour” show. It’s been over five years since we saw him last and I missed him. For about 20 years, his concerts were an annual event. One of the greatest showmen ever! He never disappoints.

rod stewart

Rod Stewart

Dec. 24 & 25: Enjoyed our annual holiday feast, celebrated German-style, but with seafood, as per Italian tradition. No relatives, so it’s just hubby, several 4 legged house guests and me. We look forward to that every year and always have a movie marathon.


The Season is Upon Us!

‘Tis the Season, Once Again

Favourite Christmas Movies

Obviously, 2013 will be a hard act to follow! Still plenty of items on the travel bucket list, including Venice, Malta and Egypt, but that last trip pretty much wiped us out, so it could be a few years before we cross the ocean again. As for the concert bucket list…..


Wherefore art thou?


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What were some of your favourite moments this year?

Or, perhaps, you’re happy/relieved it’s over?

Looking forward to your comments!


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8 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS OF 2013

  1. Hello Debbie,

    This year was sure quite eventful for you. I am however going to comment on two things only: your new webmaster status and your 40th wedding anniversary.

    I also started blogging professionally only this year…and I tell you, it’s been real fun. I’ve made more friends than I’ve made in the past years combined – and with those friends, opportunities I had only dreamed of! Welcome on board.

    On your 40th year in the ‘ringed club’, I offer a warm, hearty and big congrats! As a married man myself, I know you must have sacrificed a lot to make the union work: so has your significant other. I wish you both the best life has to offer!


    1. Nice to meet you Akaahan and welcome to The Den! 😀 Yes, the blogging world certainly is interesting and I have made some wonderful friends too. You are so right about long term relationships; they do require much sacrifice and compromise. Well worth it! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. OH my gosh I loved this, Debbie! Happy belated 40th our friend! I loved how you mentioned Greece because that is how we first crossed paths. Holy smokes your Golden and my Phoenix look soooo close to alike. That is good spooky! We hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mike! 🙂 Sorry I missed this earlier. We are amazed that it’s been 40 years already. Greece was my lifelong dream and now life seems a bit anticlimactic. LOL The Golden in the photo was one of my best clients; a very sweet dog, as I’m sure your Phoenix is as well. Cheers!

    1. It has been a remarkable year, Bren! Not likely to top this one anytime soon. LOL Wishing you all the happiness you deserve for the New Year and beyond. 🙂

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