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Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday.

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Some of the most interesting patterns I had the opportunity to photograph are found in Greece and Turkey. Enjoy!
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Terrace House, Ephesus, Turkey. Floors with Rug patterns
Terrace House in Ephesus, Turkey.
Rug-like patterns are etched into the floors. There are six residential units on three terraces. The oldest building dates back to the 1st century BC.
Lindos, Rhodes, Greece. Choklakia patterns are everywhere!
Lindos, Rhodes, Greece
Many of the walkways and entrances in Lindos are beautifully paved in stone.
This artwork is known as “Choklakia”
Oia, Santorini, Greece. Lively patterns!
The town of Oia, in Santorini, Greece is alive with many patterns and colours!

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20 thoughts on “PATTERNS – PHOTO FRIDAY

    1. Yes – great idea! 🙂 Greece and Turkey is full of such magnificent displays, to be rivalled only by India. Just learned about similar works of art there, called “Kolam” or “Rangoli”. Thanks for visiting, Jeffrey.

  1. I hope my blog site works now as I put the extra / in. Thanks for letting me know. I love these pictures and would love to go to Greece especially..and Turkey:) The mosaics are striking since the artistry is just mind blowing to me. Love the colours in the last picture

    1. Hi Birgit; Sorry for the late response; summers are busy offline around here.
      Eureka! You now have the clickable links at the top and bottom of your comment, which is how it should be. 🙂
      Greece and Turkey are fascinating countries and I hope you get the chance to visit one day. It was my lifetime dream come true! ♥ Greece will be mired in economic woes for a long time, but, when we were there, it had little impact on the tourist trade. They know how to treat guests well.

    1. I looked up Rangoli and see it’s another word for Kolam, which Ajay told me about. They’re even more spectacular, with all the colours! 🙂 Thanks for dropping in, Raj.

  2. The “Choklakia” is very beautiful and artistically done. In India, typically in south India, we sketch huge similar patterns named “Kolam”. These Kolams, they say, invite prosperity.

    1. I wasn’t familiar with Kolam and did a Google search. Such beautiful patterns and colours! Even more striking than the Choklakia. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the works of the old artisans. Stunning to think what it was like back then in their day. I like to think about what might have been going on on the days that the art was being created… I love time traveling in my mind…

  4. An interesting topic. I’ve never been to Greece…I just hope they come out of this mess without too much damage.
    I’m just wondering how do you sweep the dust under a pattern?

    1. Greece is magical, Angelika! ♥ I too hope they will be able to salvage their magnificent country and am very glad we went in 2013, before things escalated.
      No hiding the dust on these floors! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Corinne. Thank goodness we went in 2013 and not now! (Even then, our tour of Rhodes was hampered by a protest march.) I only hope Greece can come out of this better and stronger. Thanks for dropping in and have a good weekend.

  5. Lovely photos and patterns, Debbie. Those Greek were ahead of their time when it comes to pattern and design. That photo from Turkey is lovely, too. I really like pattern and am drawn to it. Anything can become a pattern if you look around you and take notice.

    1. The photos don’t really do them justice. Some of the patterns we discovered are truly incredible, especially in Ephesus! Agreed – if you look hard enough and use your imagination, you can find a pattern in most anything. Thanks for dropping in and have a good weekend. 🙂