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Long Hair and the mature WomanIt used to be that women of a “certain” age were expected to have shorter, more “mature” hairstyles and those of us who kept ours long were considered radicals. (I prefer the term “hippie”, myself. 😉 ) Seems that the times are a changin’ now and anything goes. Say thanks to those of us from the Baby Boomer generation; the largest age group on the planet. 😀

The above photo was taken 4 months ago and my hair is even longer now – just about down to my waist in the back. 😎 (Age 57) I have another blonde friend who’s hair is even longer and she’s a few years older than me. A third friend is a bit younger, with similarly long hair. In addition to that, she had the courage to stop colouring it as well and is naturally grey now. Looks very striking! 🙂 I’m not that self-confident and still get rid of those roots every 6 weeks or so.

Here’s a great article I found online, about this very subject. Tell me these mature ladies aren’t beauties!

Let It Grow!

A Look at Long Hair and the Mature Woman

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We’ve all heard the theory that a woman past a “certain age” should never wear long hair, but should rather have a more “age-appropriate” hairstyle. Of course, what is “age appropriate”? The truth is that in today’s world, age is little more than a number and should have nothing to do with a person’s sense of style. Just look at the ladies above:
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37 thoughts on “LONG HAIR & THE “MATURE” WOMAN

  1. You are lucky to lovely long hair! Many ladies complain of hair loss with increasing age. For ‘mature ladies, this may be part of the reason for shorter styles plus they are easier to maintain! Änd the decision about ‘to colour’ or ‘not to colour’ needs a lot of courage!! 😉

    1. I`m sure some do have thinning hair and yes, I am lucky in that regard. My point, though, was that it`s no longer necessary to adhere to some arbitrary standard set out by society. 🙂 Women are freer than ever to embrace their true selves and sport whatever look they prefer. Grey hair is becoming more and more popular, to the point where young women are dyeing their hair that colour! The stigma attached is quickly disappearing and I think that`s great!

  2. Love the flowing hippie hair Debbie! 🙂 The color looks good on you too! I have one of those convenient hairstyles now… Cut off my shoulder-long layers. I have what we refer to as “Schnittlauchlocken” extremely straight, thin hair. What can I say, practicability or not, I want them back! 🙂

    1. Thanks Dana. 🙂 I’m like Sampson when it comes to cutting my hair. It makes me more vulnerable somehow and I am reluctant to do it. My hair is like a security blanket. LOL Will have to though, because of growing out the synthetic colour. It’s copper blonde and my roots are white in front, salt and pepper in back. 😛 I guess with thin and straight hair, it is easier to keep it short. Have a great week!

  3. Love this post, Deb! I am terrible about getting haircuts. I just cut off a foot (myself), donated it to locks of love. They don’t use mine–too much gray. But they do sell it to offset the cost of producing the wigs for children. It is still down to the middle of my back.

    You have beautiful hair…and glad to hear that you keep it long because you want it long–and don’t give in to a traditional way of thinking that puts us “mature girls” into a corner. 🙂

    1. Great idea to donate some to charity! I’ve always thought you had beautiful hair yourself, Teresa. We are kindred spirits here and fellow rebels, yes? 😀 Thanks for coming by to comment.

    1. Hi Andro! Thanks for dropping by. I have been neglecting this site once again – so sorry. Hope to get caught up on some blog reading soon. Have a great weekend. ☺

      1. You will have to give me a nudge when the time comes as I have gone Private again to try and catch up with everyone 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Debbie 😉

        Androgoth XXx

              1. You are welcome Debbie and do enjoy your weekend 🙂 Be good though 🙂 lol

                Androgoth XXx

  4. love your hair deb mines purple wish id been born with it saves on the dye lol xxjen

    1. Hi Jen; Thanks for stopping by and purple hair is VERY cool. ☺ I dye mine as well and it is a pain in the ass, for sure! Thanks for the compliment, too. Sorry for the late reply; have been neglecting WordPress again. Too many sites, not enough time. 😛

  5. Well I really like long hair on a woman and fifty seven is no age, indeed you are still a young woman… Age is just a number anyway so keep growing it Debbie, right down to your knees if you like? 🙂 😉

    Have a lovely day today and
    thank you for adding this one 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    1. Welcome back, Andro! 😀 Well, sometimes 57 feels like 80, but then again, some days it’s pretty good, LOL. I’m having a contest with myself to see how long I can grow my hair, but, will probably not get down to the knees. 😉

      1. Well I want a blow by blow account on how you are progressing with that one and don’t be missing out on the photograph’s either, well you can always cover up with a towel first 🙂 😉 lol

        Have a wickedly fine evening and weekend Debbie 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  6. I cut my hair off a few years ago and it didn’t feel right to me. I tried several hair styles but it don’t work. I am still sitting on the edge with coloring my hair, I don’t have much grey thanks to my Father’s side of family.
    It is a hippie thing I like a more natural look and I keep my hair long and it is still thick like yours.
    You have beautiful hair it looks real good on you 😀

    1. Thanks Raven! 😀 Saw your photo and your beautiful, black hair too. A few grey “highlights” would be flattering, I’m sure. My natural roots are pure white at the front, but, a mix of grey and mousy brown at the back – yuck! 😛 I’ve been colouring my hair since I was a teenager, so am used to it, LOL.

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  8. As long as mature women have thick individual hairs or have still strong hair overall, they look good. I cannot wear long hair, it is extremely fine now and would make me look much older than I really am by not showing any volume. Long hair suits you very well, Debbie.

    1. I agree with Karin…I have very fine hair as well…but you look great Deb with your long hair!!…Ich wunsche dir einen schonen tag…bussi Angela xx

      1. Danke Angie. The article was about that long hair is now acceptable for older women. but of course, many women prefer short hair. Looks great on you! 😀

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