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Internet Addiction

Do you ever feel like you spend far too much time online and that your real life is taking a back seat? Internet addiction seems to be a significant problem in today’s society and at this point, I need to take a few steps back, myself. As of this writing, my computer will be SHUT DOWN completely for several days, so that I may put things in order. My house in particular has been largely neglected and needs some major spring cleaning.

Here’s an interesting article on the subject:

Internet addiction help guide

How about a little test? My score was 15, so, thankfully, not quite as far gone as I anticipated, LOL:

Internet addiction test

So my friends, I hope to come back refreshed, rejuvenated and caught up, at last. 🙂


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19 thoughts on “INTERNET ADDICTION

  1. Hey put that duster down and power
    up the computer, there are postings
    to add, graphics to show and that is
    just for starters 🙂 😉 Hey did you know
    that there are streakers running about
    on one of my most recent postings? 🙂

    No, no need to strip off, just call by on
    your next Internet fix 🙂 😉 lol Sooooon

    Androgoth XXx

  2. hi,your blog spot describe your personality,nice and colorful,take time and enjoy ^_^

    1. Hahaha! Only lasted a few days! Couldn’t stay away any longer. I will still try and limit my time though. Thanks Natasha. ((HUGS))

  3. Hey I hope that you enjoy youe cleaning Debbie,
    there is nothing like a bit of wickedness during the
    hoovering and ironing, well I only said 😉 lol

    Be good Debbie but never too good okay? 🙂 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

      1. Well you will love my
        latest posting then Debbie 🙂 lol

        Have fun today 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  4. Score: 21. 20 – 49 points: You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.

    I hope you are not gone too long. I will miss you.

    It’s the people who make up the Internet, and you are one of my favourites.

    1. Thank you Paul! You are one of my favourites too and as you see, my self-imposed exile didn’t last that long, LOL. Your score was a lot lower than mine! I got 42, which is why I am back already. Will still try to limit computer usage, though, as I’m not nearly caught up yet. 😛

      1. Why limit it? Change the way you use Web. I mean why go offline? Stay online but don’t sit behind computer, for example use a mobile phone to stay online in messenger or keep up with social networks like facebook and twitter. This way you have your life and in same time you are connected with you web-friends.

        1. Interesting idea, Omid, but, I run a home-based business and don’t use a mobile phone at all, except for emergencies, or to check messages when I am not here. Usually, my computer stays on all day and I check it from time to time, but, lately, it has been calling me more and more, LOL. That’s why I felt the need to turn it off altogether for awhile. Not enough self-discipline! 😛

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