#AtoZChallenge: W is for WANDERLUST

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#AtoZChallenge - W is for WANDERLUST
Day 23, April 27





a strong desire to travel

“a person consumed by wanderlust”

This one’s a natural!
My first travel experience happened at nine months old,
and I’ve travelled on and off ever since.
Plus, the word originated in Germany, just like me. 🙂

travel map
Where I’ve Been

During last year’s A to Z Challenge, I talked about some of the places I’ve seen, especially in Greece:

Still more on the Bucket List:

Follow Debbie’s board Places I Want to Visit on Pinterest.

Realistically, finances and ageing may hamper these ambitions, but surely, we aren’t done yet!

#AtoZChallenge: W is for WANDERLUST, The Doglady's Den

If nothing else, thanks to the wonderful world-wide web,
we can travel via armchair anywhere, at anytime!

Check out this fabulous virtual travel site: 

Click here!

What’s on your travel bucket list?
Looking forward to your comments!


AtoZChallenge 2015
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Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada, known as “The Doglady”. Writer/website owner, photographer, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature and cinema buff. Eternal “hippie/rockchick”. Binational, German/Canadian and multilingual. Looking for the next adventure!

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35 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: W is for WANDERLUST

  1. Tried to comment yesterday but your WordPress was being finnicky and fussy and didn’t like me so I’ll try again. Loved your word wanderlust. Wouldn’t it make a great title for a book? I bet there are some out there. What a great bucket list! I hope to go to NZ and Australia and meet online friends. Also I want to see more of the States and of course go back to Toronto and possibly meet up with you sometime. That would be so much fun. Hope you get to do some traveling to your dream destinations, Debbie. I hear you about money and aging being factors. Good you’ve gotten to go and do some of your bucket list already. I always enjoy hearing about all your travels. Hope you will share more of them.
    Cat Graham recently posted…X is for ????My Profile

    1. So sorry, Cathy. 🙁 There was a technical problem yesterday.
      Although beyond my control, I did bitch about it and it’s been resolved.
      It is a great word and there are at least two books I know of that use it in their titles. 🙂 Australia is on my bucket list too and NZ would be a natural add-on. The majority of those dream destinations will probably remain just that, but I am grateful to have had the chance to travel most of my life. The biggest thrill of all was crossing Greece off the list. It had been my number one destination since childhood! ♥ We will likely get back to Europe at least once more – hubby’s immediate family lives in Italy – but otherwise stick to North America. Yes, I’ll be writing more about Greece and other travels in the months ahead. Glad you enjoy those posts. 🙂 It would be great to meet you in person! ☼
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: Y is for YOUTHQUAKEMy Profile

  2. Cool! Great that you got to travel to some destinations at least Debbie! 😉 I was curious what the #’s meant by the way… And there’s also bloggers like Raj who takes beautiful photos with a bit of an explanation too! 😉 On my bucket list is India to meet some of the Indian bloggers I have befriended online! ♥

    1. There’s been many destinations over the years. 🙂 The numbers on the map indicate the various places, plus frequency of visits. For example, the “2” in the northeast corner of Africa represents the Canary Islands and the Western Sahara, (only one time for each.) My parents moved to California in the 70s, so that’s a popular area, as well as eastern Canada/U.S. (lived here since 1969). There were myriad travel opportunities while living in Germany in the 60s, plus hubby and I spent a month there, (4 different countries- many places) in 2013.
      If you’re interested, there’s an existing Pinterest board. View it HERE.
      Raj’s travel posts are fabulous and I’d love to visit Australia, someday. India would be awesome! Hope you get there, Elly. Meeting online friends would make it even more wonderful. 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: X is for XANADUMy Profile

  3. We have much, much in common, you and I 😀 Traveling is my favorite thing to do. I’d love to take off for three, six months at a time, just wander the world without timetables or schedules or prearranged anything. India–I’d love to backpack through there. I spent two months in Bangalore for work several years ago, and although we did get to travel around a bit, it wasn’t nearly enough. Goa, Kerala, Mumbai, Kalkota, the north border (as dangerous as it is, yes)… I’d love to see that. Eastern Europe also fascinates me. Closer by, Brazil is definitely on the list. An Amazon trek, yes! Sadly, I have seven dogs, so any vacation requires, like you said in a comment above, lots of planning — and definitely budgeting 😉
    Guilie recently posted…Weg’i Domino & Wara Wara — Quirks of #Curaçao (#AtoZChallenge 2015)My Profile

  4. I would love to travel. My business keeps me pretty tied down: while other people are vacationing, I’m watching their dogs! I’ve never been to Europe and have a keen desire to get there one of these days. I especially would like to see the Czech Republic, Amsterdam and Greece and Ireland. Of course all the other countries too. I love the virtual travel site you turned us on to. That may have to satisfy me for now…
    Michele Truhlik recently posted…W is for Wild Cherry, War, the Who and Warren Zevon!My Profile

    1. I’m in the same business, Michele. The trick is to plan vacations far in advance and then advise the clients accordingly. I also state it on my incoming voicemail message. The biggest drawback of course is there’s no such thing as paid vacations when you’re self-employed, so budgeting is required. Hope you get to do some travelling in future but yes, there are some amazing virtual travel site online too. Better than nothing. 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSEMy Profile

      1. Most of my travel time is spent visiting family. I guess I’ve made these choices. Instead of budgeting for travel, my disposable income goes into my home and instead of taking exotic trips, I choose family instead. I understand that these are my choices and for the most part, I’m happy with these decisions. But should my lot in life improve, I would certainly do some pleasure traveling. For now I’m content to spend my down-time with family and friends back home. Though because my parents live in North Carolina, I find that I seldom get back home (Niagara Falls). As soon as I do get back there though, you and I are going to meet! That will be so much fun! XOXO
        Michele Truhlik recently posted…W is for Wild Cherry, War, the Who and Warren Zevon!My Profile

        1. I understand completely and have also spent much of my time going back and forth between here and California to visit my family. Hubby’s family lives in Italy, so that’s a big reason we’ve been there a few times now. It’s also a lot easier to travel when there are two incomes. On my own, I couldn’t afford nearly as much. Yes, I hope we get the chance to meet one of these days. XOXO back! 🙂
          Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSEMy Profile

  5. I think most Americans, to at least some degree, have a bit of wanderlust in their genes. Think about it–most of us are here because of wandering ancestors… seriously, though, there are two places in particular where I’ve never been but would like to go: Ireland and India. And of course, I’d like to return to Italy for a visit some day–then I can hug my daughter over and over again.
    Greece and Egypt tempt me, too, but not as much as the three – no wait, four; we can’t forget Israel! – “I” countries. 😉
    Mary Purpari recently posted…“V”is for VirtueMy Profile

  6. My admiration for your work and the execution of it! It is fun to read in this place. My Wanderlust started also when living in my home country Germany, when my husband and our children made vacation in the Netherlands, Norway and Austria with our camper trailer. The urge to travel went to extremes when my husband and I immigrated to the United States in 1984. Since 2000 we live in a Fifth Wheel RV permanently and have seen this nice and big country, some Canadian Provinces and Alaska. Our advanced age will have us settle in one place soon. Wanderlust will be always there, but our wonderful memories of traveling have to do….. If one of your readers is interested in my travel blog and pictures, please explore my 20+pages website http://karinbartsch.weebly.com
    I am so glad you are my friend, Debbie.

  7. The people with a desire to see the world are the most interesting and the most intelligent. You mentioned Greece. We visited Greece earlier in the 21st century. We stayed at a villa in Santorini, and we visited Athens with all of its history. I’ve traveled to various countries. Thailand is one of my favorite locations. Africa is on my bucket list.
    Jolie du Pre recently posted…AMC Walking Dead Trailer: Cast Talks About Season 6My Profile

    1. Nice to meet a fellow travel buff, Jolie. 🙂 Greece is magnificent, isn’t it? We toured the mainland as well as the southern islands. Best trip of my life! ♥ Thailand would fascinating. I’ve been to the Western Sahara (formerly Spanish Sahara), northwest coast of Africa, while on vacation in the Canary Islands, back in 1967. We visited a Bedouin tribe. The Sheik served tea. 🙂 If you’re interested, you can read about it HERE
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSEMy Profile

  8. I have a strong desire to travel within a reasonable radius of where I live. In other words leave home and arrive back the same day. As far as going from state to state, not in my itinerary. Leaving the country, I don’t ever see happening unless I go to Ireland when I retire. As far as space travel, I am afraid of big rockets. 🙂
    Myke Todd recently posted…Weeping Willow Walk (for Lainey)My Profile

    1. Yes, resources. That’s the trouble! Sigh…..
      My bucket list includes several North American destinations too: Vancouver (never been to western Canada), San Francisco + drive all the way down the coast to San Diego (where my parents moved to years ago), New York City, New Orleans and Key West. These are probably more doable than going back to Europe, although hubby’s immediate family still lives in Italy, so we’ll likely visit at least once more.
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSEMy Profile