#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSE

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#AtoZChallenge, Day 22: V is for VERBOSE
Day 22, April 25




using or expressed in more words than are needed.

“much academic language is obscure and verbose”
synonyms: wordy, loquacious, garrulous, talkative, voluble; long-winded,
flatulent (really ?), lengthy, prolix, tautological, pleonastic, periphrastic, circumlocutory, circuitous,
wandering, discursive, digressive, rambling; informal: mouthy, gabby, chatty, motormouthed

“try not to be so verbose when you’re being interviewed”


#AtoZChallenge, Day 22, V is for VERBOSE, The Doglady's Den

If you’ve been following my theme, they you’ll
probably agree that I have a propensity for verbosity.
See? 😀
Hmmm, there’s a poem in there, somewhere…


Some of us have a verbose vocabulary,
which we use voraciously, with an air of verisimilitude.
But, surely not Mr. T? Obviously dubbed!

Joking aside, it’s best to curtail these tendencies. Edits and re-edits are often called for.
I get this a lot, when analyzing my writing:

“The copy scores 49.1 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered difficult to read.
Try to make shorter sentences, using less difficult words to improve readability.”


I’d like to think the people who read my scribblings are intelligent
and able to understand what I’m saying. Do you suppose this test caters to
the “lowest common denominator”?
Or, maybe I’m just full of shit?!

Looking forward to your comments!


#AtoZChallenge 2015, The Doglady's Den
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33 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: V is for VERBOSE

  1. True confession time: When I write a story or a passionate opinion, I deliberately try to reduce the number of words to half. It is amazing when I study the text how repetitive I get. I have this incredible desire to go on and on with a word like verbose on the page. It is extending an aura. lol

  2. These posts do not suggest that you are verbose. I am the one who suffers from ‘verbal diarrhea’..can’t just stop once I start 😀

  3. My posts are usually short but for the A to Z have been quite verbose. But then I write as I am guided to. Less is more is a philosophy I love.

  4. Debbie, you are too cute, i.e., funny! 😉 Your writing is not at all verbose, by far! 🙂 And how I love how you are educating me at times with new words, not verbose though! 😉 Keep up the sharing and being you! <3

  5. Lol on the “full of shit” comment!! Hahaha.
    I never heard of the Flesch Reading Ease test. That’s very interesting. But don’t you think it’s very limiting in delivering accurate scores as it’s basing it solely on the quantities and completely ignoring the quality of the words used? Our government uses it? It has to be questionable! 🙂
    I’m always looking for ways to cut down the amount of words I use when writing (not in conversation but when I’m writing for critical review) and I find in the edits that I so often can chop a few words here and a few words there and it always improves the sentence/paragraph. So I guess I can see where the Flesch test has some value…
    And you definitely do have a poem in there!! 🙂

    1. Shit happens sometimes. LOL I think this test is very basic and catering to simple minds. 😉 Yes, editing helps me a lot, too. This challenge is making me even more verbose than usual! 😀

  6. I think most writers of prose tend to be verbose (that rhyme was completely unplanned). I most certainly am. Russ, as a poet, was very Spartan, but when speaking? Alas! I could never get him o shut up (not that I actually tried to; now I really miss him.
    On another note, did you notice that the usually grunting Mr. T. mentioned the word rapscallion? Heeheehee! 😉

    1. Russ had an extensive vocabulary and I always enjoyed our verbose conversations. ♥ I didn’t notice that Mr, T said “rapscallion”. LOL Must go back and listen again. 🙂

  7. I think writing is a balance and I’ve never agreed with these automated test things. Some people can say things in wonderfully verbose writing and still be easily understood, others seem to disappear up their own posterior :). Verbosity is a very subjective thing 🙂
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  8. I have a tendency to be verbose in my writing. When speaking it depends on who I’m with. There are times when I guess some people would wish I’d shut up.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

    1. Hahaha! Yes, I’m sure people have wished the same about me. 🙂 I can be just as verbally verbose as I am in writing, but there’s no edit feature.