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Music Monday

This week’s feature is AEROSMITH.

Lead singer, Steven Tyler just turned 65 last week and it’s amazing how good he and the rest of the band still look, despite many years of drug abuse. Their music hasn’t suffered either and they released a long-awaited new album last year, called “Music From Another Dimension“. When it comes to longevity, Aerosmith boasts 40+ years, having formed in 1970.

From their debut album, “Aerosmith”, released in January, 1973:

Aerosmith was always “Livin’ on the Edge”

But, survived to tell the tale; a real “Legendary Child”

We were fortunate enough to attend their “Global Warming Tour” concert in Toronto, Jun 27, 2012.

Another one off the Bucket List! (I would go again ♥)

Steven Tyler at his best. ©
Steven Tyler at his best. ©
Grand Finale ©
Grand Finale ©

What are your thoughts about Aerosmith?

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22 thoughts on “#MusicMonday; AEROSMITH

    1. Sure is, Loy! 😀 I just heard that The Rolling Stones will be making a concert announcement tomorrow. Even more amazing!! Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

  1. As always a great selection of music. Gosh, he’s really getting up there in age but that hasn’t stopped him at all, right?

    My husband has seen them a couple of times and he says they put on a great show. I need to catch them before they retire that’s for sure.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this week’s selection. You should go, Corina, if you get the chance. It was one of the best concert experiences ever, for me! Age hasn’t slowed these guys down at all. 😀 Thanks for visiting and for sharing the post, too.

  2. He is a rock god, and I love all his songs. Personal favourite is Love In An Elevator. Thanks for sharing & Happy Music Monday

    1. Aerosmith……never released a song that I didn’t LOVE. Steven Tyler is one with his music, and you know this, sorella, because you’ve seen him in person. He does amazing things with his voice, which is as gifted as the music Aerosmith has put out for generations. I can’t say enough about your blog, here…..SO well done, Debbie. Thank you.

      1. I knew you would enjoy this, Gina! 😀 Yes, Steven Tyler is amazing, especially when you consider all he has been through. (His autobiography was a great read!) The music is fantastic and the entire band’s stage presence makes for an unforgettable concert experience. Thanks for your comments and have a great week, sorella mia.

        1. Enjoy your week as well, sorella mia! I just might listen to a little Aerosmith whilst ironing this morning!! Hahahaha.