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Originally published July 18, 2013. Revised July 19, 2017

Another heat wave is upon us, and pretty much all of North America, it seems.

Today’s weather in the Toronto area:

Dogs feel the heat much more intensely than humans do and special attention must be paid to this! Personally, I don’t advocate leaving dogs outside for any length of time unsupervised, no matter what the weather, but especially NOT in stifling hot conditions.

Of course, there may be circumstances where this is unavoidable. To that end, the good folks at The Uncommon Dog have provided a helpful infographic. (The website is gone.)

I keep reading about these morons who leave their kids and dogs in hot cars. Do they not know that temperatures inside the car will double in mere minutes and that this is a death trap?! I can only hope they lose all caregiver rights and get their asses thrown in jail on cruelty charges!

Okay, rant over.

Stay cool folks and take good care of your kids, be they two-legged or four.




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21 thoughts on “HOT! HOT! HOT!

  1. People are just stupid. With their kids and their dogs and should probably not have either. My pup is the pampered princess with this ridiculous triple digit heat. The AC is on 24/7, she has plenty of water and food and toys and the bath when she feels like playing in there. And on the days she doesn’t want to step outside even to piddle. I put an old towel down in the bathroom and she goes in there. If I don’t feel like going out in this heat I know she doesn’t. Sadly, the winter is no better with people leaving their furry family outside chained up. Ugh..

    1. I fear you’re right about people, Mimi. 😛 Every year, you read the same horror stories. You’re a great dog mom and we sure need more like you! Thanks for dropping in. Have a good weekend!

  2. It is hot, hot, hot here in the UK too Debbie but obviously not as hot as where you are but still I am roasting away and rushing back home to my fan 🙂 No you can’t share it, I am too greedy 😉 Nooooo of course you may use it, just don’t hog it or else? 😉 lmao

    I hope that your Tuesday has been wicked Debbie 😉

    Andro xxxx

    1. Hi Andro; Thanks for visiting. 🙂 Our heat wave is over now and the temps are much more reasonable. I can’t imagine surviving with only a fan; so glad we have central air conditioning! Stay cool, my friend.

  3. Uh oh. I know what you mean. Yesterday was the hottest in my area. Even the AC wasn’t enough.

  4. It just breaks my heart when I see this stuff in the news and on social media. They need to put those idiots in a locked car for some seconds just to get a taste of what they put their kids or pet through.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us…I’ll be sharing this too…we have to get the word out.

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

    1. I can’t understand how anyone could do such a thing! 🙁 Glad to see this infographic circulating all over the internet. Thanks for sharing it too, Corina. 🙂 Lovely day here today – calm after the storm and not so sticky/hot. Enjoy your weekend as well.

    1. Definitely, although I wouldn’t take the dogs on long walks when it’s too hot. Short ones, a few times a day is better, in my opinion. Thankfully, we have a fairly large backyard with lots of shade too. Thanks for visiting, Michelle 🙂

  5. Hi Debbie

    You are so right, some people have no common sense. They should never have kids, 2 legged or 4 legged. Do they all need lectures when getting a baby or a pet, of NOT leaving anyone in a car on a hot day with no capability of opening windows. There was a guy around here that forgot he was taking the baby to the sitter and left the kid in the car and went to work. And there was another, that the couple called the police for their missing child and found that neither one of them remembered to get the child out of the car. I guess they were not paying attention when the brains were being passed out and forgot to pick up their packet on the journey to adulthood.
    Hope your heat breaks soon. I am quite close to the coast and we usually get mild temperature most of the time, although a few weeks ago we were up in the 90’s, but it is not high humidity so it is usually okay if we have all the fans running.

    1. Yes; some people just don’t think! 🙁 You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with humidity. It’s terrible here. Thanks for visiting, Mary. 🙂

  6. The kiddie pools sound like a very good idea at first, but I foresee one serious problem–dog nails and plastic pool bottoms and sides. Perhaps a large tin or hard plastic ice container (the kind that is used to keep a lot of drinks cold at pool parties) would be a better choice.

  7. Well said Debbie! This infographic is making its rounds! Mine gets published next week! We just can’t say it enough, can we?

    1. Thanks Bren. It seems, people need to be reminded all the time. There was a dead (human) baby in a car here the other day. Just awful! 🙁