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Rock chick at Jingle Jangle JungleThanks to Mary Burris of JINGLE JANGLE JUNGLE for giving me this platform today. Her site is a music lover’s delight, so be sure to have a look around.

I’m sharing some early memories of music and how I evolved into the Eternal Hippie/Rock Chick. Come on over and join the fun! To read and comment, please go HERE.

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young old hippie rock chick
Then and Now

Speaking of old Rock Chick Ramblings, I got some fabulous photos at the Queensrÿche/Scorpions concert last week! If you missed it, click on the image to take you there.

Rock chick Ramblings: Scorpions stage set

Also coming up at The Den, another “Soundtrack of My Life” segment, featuring the year 1967, as well as the next Battle of the Bands contest, Oct. 1. Click on the logos for previous installments.

Musical Memories, The Doglady's Den Battle of the Bands BOTB
Meet you at Jingle Jangle Jungle!

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  1. I left this comment over there…

    “I find it ironic that I was listening to modern covers of “Paint It Black” when I happened onto this blog… I have two television music stations that play in my music room, late of an evening. One is the 60s Channel, the other basically what we call elevator music. These are my comfort zones… Back in the latter sixties, when the age query was asked, “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” my quick response was always The Monkees. (Boy, did I get some hard looks from the British Invasion faithful.)

    I have a lot of theories about the Summer of Love, but I keep them to myself, even as I enjoy the overwhelming list of music tracks that evolved from the brief time in history. The Scott McKenzie song is an all time favorite… Great article here!”

    1. Thanks for visiting both sites, Myke. 🙂 I responded to your comment at Jingle Jangle Jungle. It would be interesting to know more about your theories pertaining to 1967. Some of the music that came out that year was phenomenal. Have a great week!

      1. No, dear friend. I do not have a guest post on Mary’s blog. I simply meant that I had been there and “done that” meaning that I had read your guest post. 🙂 Sorry for the panic and confusion. I spent 20 minutes composing my comment and freaked out when it disappeared. I’m having a heck of a time commenting on WordPress blogs with spam safeguards.

        1. So sorry you had a hard time, Shady. 🙁 Your comment was visible after approval. All WordPress sites have some spam safeguards. and often, website owners do opt for individual comment moderation. I whitelist people I know so it’s a bit easier for them (and for me). Anyway, your comment is there and I also responded. Please don’t let this deter you. Your comments are always great!

          1. Thanks for posting the video, dear Debbie the Doglady! I still get chills watching the “If 6 Was 9” sequence. To me it is the pivotal point of the film. You can begin to sense the danger as the boys enter the heart of redneck country. Their journey “in search of America” is about to take a dark, dangerous and deadly turn.

            Have a wonderful week, Debbie!

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