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Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday.

CREATURES, photo friday
The objective is to post your own images, based on a prompt provided by the Photo Friday staff.



These are some of the fabulous creatures I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of at my “Doggie Hotel”:
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These creatures have all the comforts! 🙂

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Could you handle this many dogs all at once?
Sometimes, it gets a little “hairy” in all ways!

Looking forward to your comments!


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Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada, known as “The Doglady”. Writer/website owner, photographer, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature and cinema buff. Eternal “hippie/rockchick”. Binational, German/Canadian and multilingual. Looking for the next adventure!

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35 thoughts on “CREATURES – PHOTO FRIDAY

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Birgit! 🙁 Dogs are wonderful, except they never live long enough. I miss my Dalmatian, Tasha, too. These other lovelies keep me busy, that’s for sure. 🙂

  1. Well, you certainly have your hands full! I just have one elderly Pomeranian to keep an eye on, and I can barely keep him under control, haha!

    1. Welcome to The Den! 🙂 Pomeranians are so cute; I bet yours is a sweetheart. Yes, things do get busy around here, when we have so many dogs, but that doesn’t happen as often anymore. Two or three is more the norm. Thanks for dropping by!

      1. Thanks for stopping by! I have comments turned off for now–just the contact form is available. The attitude toward police is so volatile right now that I was afraid I would end up in a moderating nightmare!

    1. Hi Vidya; Glad you enjoyed the photos. 🙂 Group hugs are frequent around here. It’s funny how much dogs can be like kids. If you hug one, the others get jealous, so you have to distribute affection equally. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Holy cannoli! I don’t know how you do it Debbie! I want all of those beautiful pups but I’ve got my hands full with my lit’l 9 yr. old Shih Tzu/Lhaso mix. Such a finicky girl she is and most definitely my shadow everywhere I go. I don’t know what I’d do with that many shadows! Kudos to you. I think there are a lot of us out here that could not do what you do.

    1. Hi Mimi; Saw your latest blog post and figured I better respond post haste! 😉
      I always appreciate comments and do try to answer them in a timely manner, but sometimes it takes a few days. I figure, late is better than not at all, yes?
      Your little pup sounds adorable, Mimi. 🙂 Most smaller dogs do tend to be finicky, but even the bigger ones can be.
      Looking after so many dogs at once is not an easy job! Thanks for acknowledging that; some people think it’s nothing but play, play, play and snooze, snooze, snooze. As for the “shadows”, I actually enjoy that – it’s like I’m the Pied Piper, leading the children around. 😀

  3. Dog Whisperer:

    OMG, I’d fall in love w/ each and every one. Can’t imagine letting them go home.
    Terrific pixs too. Well composed, framed, etc.

    Cat Man 😉

    1. The Doglady always enjoys a visit from the Cat Man 😀 They are adorable, aren’t they? Yes, they go home, but then they come back. Thanks for dropping by, Chi Chi.

  4. On the ranch our five dogs got along just fine – outside. Now that we have just two, indoor/outdoor siblings, seems like we’re always breaking up a dispute! My girls will not willingly pose but they’re easy to catch off-guard 😉

    1. Dogs have conflicts and disputes, just like humans. Usually it’s all noise, thank goodness and no real damage done. I pre-screen new ones to make sure their personalities are suitable for a group environment.

    1. Hi Jeffrey; Not daycare – they stay overnight. People leave their dogs with me when they travel and can’t take them along. My house is like a little doggie commune. 🙂 Most of these photos were taken in years past when things were busier. I’m sort of semi-retired now and have fewer guests. Thanks for coming by and have a good weekend.

  5. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

    I don’t know if I could handle that many dogs at one time, but I’d sure like to try. I would love to be right there in the middle of them all, petting and scratching them, speaking to them, gaining their trust and friendship. It’s the greatest feeling to accomplish that with man (woman) or beast. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

    1. Hi Shady; Just call me the “Dog Whisperer”. 😀 It is a fun job but also a lot more work than most people realize. The dogs have the run of the house and we’ve burned out so many vacuum cleaners! Most of these photos were taken in busier times when people travelled more. I usually have 2 or 3 around here nowadays, except holidays, which are always peak times.

  6. Forget camping… I\’m going to chill at your house. The dogs all look so well groomed and content. Do they ever have disputes with one another? You wouldn\’t think it after looking at these photos. I tweeted this… I looked for the woof-it button… but couldn\’t fine one. 🙂

    1. 🙂 I pre-screen potential new dogs and try to gauge their personalities. If they’re not fond of other dogs, they can’t stay with me. Despite that, there have been a few minor disputes over the years (I started doing this in 1994) and even a couple of more serious ones, in which case the perpetrators were not welcome to come back. Dogs are like kids and don’t always play nice, but personality conflicts are rare, overall.