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Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday.

camera photo friday
The objective is to post your own images, based on a prompt provided by the Photo Friday staff.



What came to mind immediately when I saw this week’s “Circle” prompt was the stage set used by The Who for their “Quadrophenia and More Tour” in 2013. It was my first Who concert (better late than never), and we had a blast!

Circle - Photo Friday. The Who stage set
Stage set
Circle - Photo Friday. The Who
Roger Daltrey (middle) and Pete Townsend in all their glory.

Photos taken Feb. 19, 2013, at Copps Colisseum, Hamilton, Ontario.
©D.D.B. 2013/2014/2015  “All Rights Reserved”

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Do you enjoy going to concerts?
What are some of your favourites? 

Looking forward to your comments!


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21 thoughts on “CIRCLE – PHOTO FRIDAY

  1. Very creative use of the circle photo prompt, Debbie. Fun you got to go to that Who concert. So what group are you going to see next? I don’t get to go to concerts that much. My most recent outing was in Port Hawkesbury in Cape Breton seeing a free concert of Hey Rosetta at the Civic Centre. It was supposed to be an outdoor concert but was too rainy. The acoustics weren’t all that great but the crowd didn’t mind and enjoyed themselves. I was a bit perturbed that I couldn’t hear the lyrics as I don’t know this group from Newfoundland. The people there seemed to know them well and were singing along with all the songs and dancing up at the front and sitting on the concrete floor as if they were on the lawn outside. I must be gettin old!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Cat. The Who was great, as were all the old rockers I’ve seen in recent years. (It’s my mission; making up for lost time. 🙂 ) Next up is Scorpions (2nd time for them) on Sept, 18, with Queensrÿche as the opening act. Can’t wait! Too bad about the acoustics during your concert. I wouldn’t be sitting on the ground or the floor either – definitely an age factor!

  2. That was a real cool pic. The pic goes well with the “circle” prompt. I happen to visit the linky too, the participants are in good numbers.

  3. Never been to a Who concert. Looks spectacular. I think they came to NZ a few years ago but didn’t visit my city.

    1. I remember Roger’s glorious mane! 🙂 We were busy doing other things in our younger days, so I’m making up for lost time. Thanks for dropping by, Kim. Have a good weekend.

  4. Now that I think about it, “We’re Not Going to Take It” is my favorite track from The Who…

    I bet that was a great show to be at. I have never seen the band, or any members solo.

    Love the pictures… Have a great weekend, Debbie.

    1. It was a great show, Myke! 😀 Every old band we’ve seen has surpassed all expectations! That includes Steppenwolf, Aerosmith, The Stones, Black Sabbath, Heart, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, to name a few. (I’m making up for lost time – too busy in the 70s and 80s to attend concerts.) For you:

  5. Very impressive stage prompt. Glad to hear you had such a good time. We used to go to a lot of concerts,… but more often than not, we were disappointed. Too many guest performers filled the night… and then the main performer would show up briefly on the stage… and that was it. We often felt like we were being ripped off. We love to go to broadway shows, musicals and open air movies. And we love summer jazz concerts. I guess I’m showing my age. 

    1. Sorry you were disappointed, Angelika. I’ve been making it my mission to see all the old rock bands I love before it’s too late. Every single concert was great! For my 60th birthday, we saw Bob Seger, who’s 71. The older I get, the harder I rock. 😀

  6. I used to go to a lot of concerts and enjoyed them. Rarely go these days. One of my favorite concerts was Jethro Tull with Sensational Alex Harvey Band as the opening act. I had a front row seat and it was an outstanding show.
    Wrote By Rote

    1. Jethro Tull must have been amazing – especially from the front row! Had a chance to see them a couple of years ago, but work intervened. We were busy with other things in our younger days, so I’m making up for lost time now. 😀 All the old rockers are still in fine voice and spirits.

    1. They do, Jeffrey! Roger and Pete are still in fine form. (At least the were, in 2013.) Their drummer is Ringo’s son, Zak Starkey. I believe they may retire after this tour. Mind you, they’ve said that before. 🙂

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