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Welcome to The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 81.


( I know; it’s Saturday. Better late than never, yes? 😉 )

This week’s host is Bhavya NK of Ishithaa

The chosen theme:


I’m starting this post with my very favourite Birthday song:

Hubby and I always celebrate birthdays and anniversaries,
(with one exception, as you’ll see below).


My 50th birthday was in 2005. It was not exactly a welcome milestone and I was a little shocked to be that old already. (Just imagine what I’m thinking now!) Hubby had led me to believe that we would be having an intimate dinner “a deux” at our favourite restaurant and I was trying hard to follow the advice I gave to friends: “Celebrate the day and forget about the year”.

Little did I know that he and said friends were plotting to throw a secret party at that very restaurant. Totally clueless, I walked through the door and was stunned by those smiling faces yelling “SURPRISE!”

It was a fabulous night! Great friends, nice gifts, excellent food and one more spectacular present. My darling hubby gave me a beautiful necklace; a diamond encrusted letter “D” on a gold rope chain. It’s my favourite piece and I wear it often.

Birthday Cake Balloons



I spent my 56th birthday, (Jan. 2011), in San Diego, U.S.A., 2200 miles away from home and hubby. (We live in Toronto, Canada.) My parents had moved down there in the ’70s for health reasons and my father was stricken with lung cancer in Aug, 2010. This was the third lengthy visit in 5 months. His illness was now terminal and I was doing all I could to help him and my mother, but the stress was taking a huge toll, as was being away from home so often and always for weeks at a time. A gift from a friend arrived by courier and made me smile. Wonder what hubby would send? At last, something to look forward to in this bleak scenario, or, so I thought. He phoned and wished me a “Happy Birthday”, told me he loved me and missed me and that was it! Didn’t even bother to send a card!! Given my precarious mental state at the time, I really freaked out over this and called him back later that night. Gave him an earful and hung up. Flowers from him arrived the next day, after the fact, which only served to infuriate me. I think most women, (and even some men), will understand this reaction. Good thing he has other redeeming qualities!

Flickr - Whiternoise - Dead flowers, Pére Lachaise Cemetery



Non-blogging friends:

What are some of YOUR favourite or least favourite birthday moments?

Looking forward to your comments.

Blog hop participants, please leave a comment and add the link to your post HERE.

Bhavya says: “You could share with us the memories of your favourite birthday parties, or write a story or a poem or share anything related to the theme. It’s completely up to you how you use it. The linky will remain open until next Tuesday, i.e. 18 June 2013 midnight.

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17 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY

  1. Loved reading about your birthday memories. Isn\’t it great that the good memories out weigh the bad? Awesome post!

    1. For sure, Kathy! I often think back to the 50th but never that other, horrible one. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. My worst bday should be the firts one post meeting hubs. We were in diff countruies then n this mister conveniently forgot to even wish me! He blamed it on the time gap 🙁

    1. Nice to meet you, Meena. 🙂 That’s a pretty lame excuse I’d say. My hubby said I wasn’t home so he didn’t think of it. HA! Well, at least he DID phone. Thanks for visiting and have a good week.

  3. Hi Debbie

    I am sorry just had to giggle a little on your belated flowers and why men just don’t get it. Don’t have anything too memorable for birthdays. We just don’t exchange gifts any more, but do buy cards for each other.

    Probably the most disappointing gift I got was when he brought home the exact same gift for Valentines Day for both our daughter and me. What??? I would rather he spent less on me and got me something different. It wasn’t like you were buying for 2 kids and you didn’t want them to fight over it!!! I didn’t say anything, but it did not make me happy.

    Flowers…which makes me laugh. When my mother in-law was alive she used to work in a bank and she would tell her husband about other gals getting flowers sent to work by their husbands. He NEVER got the hint…! He never once sent flowers to her job. I guess I should have told him to do so. But we left the area where they lived at about 5 years after we were married, so I wasn’t really comfortable enough to tell him to wise up.


    1. Hi Mary; That’s an odd choice for Valentine’s Day. You’re better than I am – I would have voiced my displeasure. LOL Men do NOT get hints – ever, from my experience. You have to just flat out say it, whatever it is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories. Cheers!

  4. So your best birthday sounds like it was a night to remember and I hope my hubby does something special for me when I hit 5-0 🙂 By the way, you look awesome and I would not mind looking like you when it’s my turn 🙂

    Now your worst birthday sucks and I can imagine your hubby not sending you anything or even after the fact made it even worse…Has he been making it up ever since? 🙂

    Believe it or not but I’ve never had a birthday party my adult life. I never gave it much thought. My husband usually cooks for me and the girls bake a cake and I get flowers… Flowers is my one request.

    Now the worst birthday happens to be about flowers. I asked my hubby to get my flowers and he comes home with a plastic fern! He was so lucky I love him :)…

    Hope all your birthdays are fabulous from now on!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Corina, but I always try to find the BEST photos.) (You know; the ones that DON’T make me look too old or too fat. LOL 😉 ) Hubby really outdid himself for my 50th and I hope yours will do the same for you. Nice that you don’t have to cook on your birthday and I bet you all have a wonderful time. 🙂 As for the 56th, that was the birthday from hell for sure and yes, he felt pretty bad about it afterwards, but did NOT understand why I was so angry that he sent flowers the next day. MEN!! 😛 Anyway, most birthdays before and since then have been great! 🙂 We always go out for dinner and he does send flowers, plus I usually present myself with rock concert tickets, if there are any around that time. You must have been so pissed about that plastic fern! LOL I’ll say it again: MEN!! 😛 Yup; good thing we love them. Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend.

  5. Ha ha… I can totally understand your feelings. The day I get a bouquet or card as a surprise from my husband, I will most probably be found in the ICU of the nearest hospital. Some men just don’t get it. Yes, thank God for other redeeming qualities. 🙂

    1. Definitely! 😀 His rationale was “well, you weren’t at home”. Normally, he always does mark the occasion. Thanks for visiting Jyothi and welcome to The Doglady’s Den. 🙂

  6. Wow! Your 50th birthday was so special…
    And for the 56th one… well, husbands have this gene of daftness that makes them behave like this once in a while. I remember, it was our anniversary and I was travelling for some work that day. So I hid the gift and a greeting card and called him up to see the gift I had for him. 2 days later, when I come back home, the gift was opened and used but the greeting card which I had chosen after spending so much time in the Archies Gallery (incidentally, had bought a card after decades, I guess!) and spent equally long time in expressing my love on it, lay UNOPENED in the carry bag!! Experienced a true face-palm moment!! 😀

    1. Definitely a “face-palm” moment for you, Shilpa. LOL Hubby’s reasoning was, “well you weren’t at home”. Sheesh! 😛 Thanks for visiting.

  7. Memories! There are so many memories associated to birthdays that I am still wondering which one to share.
    Hope all your coming birthdays are fun filled and make you happy 🙂

    1. Well, I’ve certainly lived through many birthdays and most of them have been pretty good. Looking forward to your post, Bhavya. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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