#AtoZChallenge: R is for RECALCITRANT

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#AtoZChallenge, Day 18: R is for RECALCITRANT
Day 18, April 21


having an obstinately uncooperative attitude
toward authority or discipline.

“a class of recalcitrant fifteen-year-olds”
synonyms: uncooperative, intractable, obstreperous, truculent, insubordinate,
defiant, rebellious, willful, wayward, headstrong, self-willed, contrary, perverse, difficult

“Amy was unprepared to deal with three recalcitrant stepchildren”
noun: recalcitrant; plural noun: recalcitrants
a person with an obstinately uncooperative attitude.

Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?!

This describes me as well as Bohemian did, except I’m 60, not 15. (Stunted maturity? Naaah! Just independent, free-thinking and obdurate.) Don’t try and tell me what to do, how to do it, when to it or not to do it and we’ll get along just fine. 😀 If I should happen to agree with your stipulations, then life is good. If not, get ready for some serious expostulations. (Ooh, another good word! 😀 )

Who’s with me?

More Rebel music HERE

RECALCITRANT stems from Latin recalcitrant– ‘kicking out with the heels,’
from the verb recalcitrare, based on calx, calc- ‘heel.’
[This must be where the phrase “digging in your heels”, meaning “stubborn” comes from, don’t you think?]

Any fellow rebels out there? Show me your recalcitrant selves. 🙂
Looking forward to your comments!


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26 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: R is for RECALCITRANT

  1. Another word that sounds harsh like its meaning. I never use that word but it is a good one. I’m not much of a rebel and am a good girl (most of the time, snickers devilishly) The hubs can be quietly recalcitrant on occasion when he doesn’t like something or someone. You do find the best words, Debbie. Enjoying your theme very much and increasing my vocabulary along the way!

  2. Oh I am soooo a rebel! It’s the main reason that I’m self-employed: I can’t work for other people because I can’t stand being told what to do. I know for a fact that had I chosen a career in the military (which I never would’ve for the very sake of who I am) I would’ve been kicked out so fast. I’m one of those irritating people that believe rules are made to be broken and I have a lifetime of believing that rules simply don’t apply to me. 🙂 Don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not a disaster. I’m just a free-spirited and independent woman who is also stubborn and occasionally recalcitrant. Great word Debbie!

    1. I feel exactly the same way, Michele 😀 Another thing we have in common!
      I’m beginning to think you’re my long-lost twin…..
      I can’t imagine working for anyone else now either. I did it before, but made my way up to department manager, so that was fairly autonomous.

  3. I have some serious issues with authority. Don’t know if I can be called “recalcitrant” though. And I’m certainly not a 15-year-old anymore.

  4. HELL YEAH”! 😉 I didn’t know this word before – thanks for educating me Debbie! 😉 – though I am not a hard-core rebel – never into drugs or alcohol for example – only in terms of attitude. I believe this comes from a past life or lives (not an excuse per se) actually. 😉 I am definitely obdurate when it comes to a decision I’ve made that I can’t let go of. 🙂 <3

    1. My pleasure, Elly! 😀 I was never into drugs either, but I definitely hated anyone putting restrictions on me that I didn’t agree with. Still the same…. 😉 Rules are meant to be broken!

  5. What a fun word that it! And yes it can be used well…
    I loved that little introduction you did with your words 🙂 Super cool 🙂

  6. Recalcitrant is a good one. I’ve even used it from time to time when describing my daughter when she was in her teens. We also had a goat that fit the description and I may have used it on her, too. Another good “R” would that I thought you might have chosen is rapscallion which is NOT, as some people might think, an onion trying to sing. I’m just loving your theme AND your words.

    1. Yup; I’m a stubborn old goat, alright! 😉 You are so funny, Mary. Rapscallion, singing onion. LOL You must be channelling Russ. 🙂
      Glad you’re enjoying the theme. I have yet to write T-Z, although the words have been selected. Wish me luck!

  7. I was never a rebel as a teenager since I didn’t feel I needed to – I tend to rebel only if I see the need, where as I have met people who seem to rebel just because they can 🙂
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  8. I’m sure people might have considered me to be recalcitrant but called me something else instead. My sister called me an asshole last time I visited, but I think recalcitrant would have been more couth and more like what she meant. That’s another good word that I can’t recall having actually ever used.

  9. The next time we talk, I expect to hear a minimum of 10 of your new words in our conversation. I promise you I won’t have a clue what you are talking about so you don’t have to use them correctly!