#AtoZChallenge: J is for JUSTIFICATION

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#AtoZChallenge, Day 10: J is for JUSTIFICATION, The Doglady's Den
Day 10, April 11




1. the action of showing something to be right or reasonable

good reason for something that exists or has been done

“the justification of revolutionary action”
“there is no justification for an an increase in charges”

synonyms: reason, basis, rationale, premise, explanation, defence

2. THEOLOGY: the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.

3. FORMATTING/PRINTING: Another term for alignment, justification is the aligning of the top,
bottom, sides, or middle of text or graphic elements on a page.

While text can be left- or right-justified, it typically refers to text that is
aligned to both the left and right margins — also called fully-justified or full justification.

#AtoZChallenge, Day 10: J is for JUSTIFICATION

Have you ever been verbally assaulted for a) expressing an opinion or b) disagreeing with someone else’s opinion? As mentioned earlier (see CASTIGATE), I used to be involved with online forums and every now and then, some Neanderthal would hurl invective and try to discredit me. Little did they know this got the adrenaline pumping and made me dig my heels in even more, coming up with one justification after another, while remaining icily calm and courteous. When the name-calling starts, you know they’ve got no ammunition! Above all else, never sink to their level, but instead, dazzle them with your wit and wisdom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; that’s what free speech is all about. By the same token , we are also free to disagree. Let’s choose to do it with finesse, not ignorance!

Go ahead – make my day and pick a fight! 😉

How about a little Philosophical Critical Thinking on the subject?

“JUSTIFICATION” comes from Late Latin justificatio;
from justificare” (justify)

If you put your mind to it, you can find justification for most anything.
True or false?
Looking forward to your comments!


AtoZChallenge 2015
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51 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: J is for JUSTIFICATION

  1. Hi Debbie,I see a whole lot of advocate in you. I’ve been on many forums and have experienced exactly what you are shared here. People who throw a whole lot of smack out there but when someone comes back with some intellectual debate, they can’t follow back with anything other than verbal attacks of muck.I am still here saying you amaze me that you have been able to knock these out daily. So glad I am getting to know you Debbie. The more I learn about you….the more I really like. I wish we were local – I think we would become pals and good friends.Have a good week Debbie. Irish

    1. Thanks Irish; I think we would be good friends, as well. 🙂 For a long time, at least two years, our universal health care system was constantly being trashed, all in the name of American political propaganda. This vitriol sometimes extended to Canada as a whole and I’m not going to take that shit from anybody! My father was career army and defended Canada on the front lines of Korea. Add to that. those neanderthals who would tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies or who would interfere with gay people enjoying the same rights as everyone else. Yeah; I’d jump right in there with both feet! 😀 As for this daily posting challenge. it’s definitely rugged and I’ll be glad when it’s done. WHEW! On the upside, it’s wonderful to make new connections and the extra exposure is great for the website. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good week!

  2. Oh yes! I guess we can justify almost anything we want to. Sometimes, while we are involved in a heated argument/confrontation, our logic might tell us to give up as we can’t really defend this, but our ego doesn’t let us. I tend to stay away from confrontations now, unless it is something that I deeply care about. Else, it is simply noise.

  3. Wit and wisdom are the best. Otherwise, it’s just plain noise. I usually stay away from confrontations, but, when it’s something that affects me personally, or when things are getting way too absurd to just stand back and watch quietly, that’s when I DO jump in.

    1. Agreed, Kaddu! 🙂 I only get involved when it’s something I feel strongly about, or if I’m attacked for expressing an opinion. Thanks for visiting!

  4. We HAVE to learn to “agree to disagree” 🙂

    This is how I feel at the moment…
    I’m jabbering in a jolly jumble of words that mean jack!
    But I’m still jovial and jubilant.
    Happy J-Day!

    1. That would certainly be the ideal. If someone attacks me, however, I will counter-attack, but with intellect and finesse, not boorish behaviour. 🙂

  5. I used to participate in online forums a lot too, mainly spiritual and metaphysical forums and even under the guise of ‘being spiritual’ people would fling abuse at one another, often masked with ‘love and light’ LOL the barbs behind love and light were incredible. One lady whenever someone disagreed she would simply say ‘check your mirror, I am your mirror!’ This was her answer to everything! A nifty way of never taking responsibility for her stuff.

    1. That woman sounds so annoying Kelly. I’ve seen plenty of so-called spiritual and/or religious people get down and dirty in forums. It wasn’t pretty! 😛

  6. “Dazzle them with your wit and wisdom” is what my husband is great at. I usually stay away from confrontations. I believe in ‘agree to disagree’. 🙂

  7. To answer your question about being verbally assaulted, I have on occasion had this happen on line at sites where I knew that my minority opinion would be attacked. There is no debate on these sites and no listening to reason from the opposing side so I tend to avoid getting embroiled in any discussions on them for the most part.

    I’m most disturbed that there have been things that certain of my family members have attacked me for saying so that now it’s come to the point where I talk very little when I’m around them for fear of being attacked for a differing opinion. I figure sometimes it’s better just to keep my mouth shut in order to keep the peace.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

    1. You’re so right about there being no debate, Lee. 😛 I would only get involved when it was a subject a felt strongly about. Hard to deal with family in those situations. I can relate. My father and I had opposite political leanings, so we consciously tried to avoid the subject.

  8. Sometimes justifications are valid explanations, although the person who disagrees with you or accuses you would probably call them excuses. If I’m right about something, I will try to justify my actions or words. If I’m wrong, I usually admit and apologize. If we’re both wrong or right, I also admit it. Usually, if a person insists I’m wrong and I know I’m right and have given proof, I give a very feminine answer, “If you say so…”

    1. LOL I remember a few of those, Mary. As you know,
      if it’s a subject I feel strongly about, I’ll hang in until the “bitter” end. Stubborn! 😀

  9. Ah, justification. I have justified on so many levels but primarily when I overspent. I used to buy a lot of things (art, antiques, etc) and I would always fool myself into believing that I was justified in buying them. I rationalized all the time, and the one justification that always got me over the hump was simply, “Well, I just deserve it, that’s why!” Turns out that was a bad justification and one I paid for dearly…when the credit card bills came in. Oh yes, I know all too well about justification… 🙂
    Great word Debbie. Loved the cute video and the graphic with the woman and her gun is classic!

    1. Well, you could always say that art and antiques are good investments! 😀 Glad you liked the word for today. Thank goodness, it’s Sunday tomorrow. Starting to really wear out!

  10. I’m very non-confrontational unless I’m pushed to the limit and then I feel I have to justify myself. Part of my overly sensitive nature, I guess. Another great post, Debbie. You do feature the most fun and interesting words.

    1. I welcome confrontation, Cathy. It’s like a sport to me and I’m determined to have the last word. 😀 That said, I only ever get involved when it’s a subject I care about. Best example is the trashing of our universal healthcare system for the sake of American politics, which went on ad nauseum for a couple of years. That really pissed me off! Thankfully, I have a thick skin. Glad you’re enjoying these posts.

  11. I stay away from any ugly situation. I don’t think I would be able to handle it 🙂 A reason why I never comment on forums or even in Youtube. The cyber abuse scares me to no end.

    1. You’re a gentle, sensitive soul, Raj and that’s a lovely quality. 🙂 I’m a tough old broad with a thick skin who doesn’t care what those cyber bullies think. 😉 I only get involved when it’s an issue that matters to me.

  12. Disagreeing politely is the way to go. We shouldn’t be called upon to justify our actions, we do what we feel is right and just. I don’t believe in giving explanations, let their imagination run wild 🙂 Loved the video.

  13. I see this happening so much online, on internet forums or FB comments. If someone comments that’s out of the line or differs from the general opinion, then he/she is cyber bullied and no justification makes sense. I think the age for tolerance and acceptance has sadly died 🙁

  14. The first person to bring up Nazis in an online argument loses no matter what their justification is 🙂 – Godwin’s law
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. Funny you should mention Nazis, Tasha. LOL As a child, I was bullied and harassed repeatedly about my German heritage (while living in Canada) and that word came up a lot! Looking back now, I think that’s where my “take no shit from anybody” attitude developed.

  15. Well, Debbie, you have my respect for being able to remain clam and courteous when someone verbally assaults you. They say the sweetest revenge is not to get your feathers ruffled, or at least not show it. I’m still learning how to do that. Sometimes it works, and sometimes my need for justification overwhelms my logical thinking. Hah! Love the graphic of the lady with the gun.

    1. Thanks, Angelika. 🙂 To me, it’s like a sport and I never lose my cool, because I don’t care what they think of me. Even better if they call me a bitch, to which I reply “Damn right! That’s Ms. Bitch, to you.” 😉 Seriously though, I never go looking for trouble and only get involved when it’s an issue I feel strongly about. It’s been awhile since there was a good dust up. Any takers? LMAO!

  16. Haha – reading about your thoughts on the online net-trolls made my blood start boiling – I get so mad sometimes, what some people hiding behind their pc is capable of saying/harassing/name calling. They do not think people have the right to their own opinion- oh no, we should all agree with them,.. Hahaha – crazy. Luckily we can choose to interact or NOT…I enjoyed that read, Debbie:-)

  17. I believe you can probably justify many things; however, it’s usually not necessary or purposeless. I usually justify in reaction to being questioned, though this isn’t necessary either, more like a chain reaction due to feeling guilty, like arriving late for example. 😉 <3

    1. Hi Elly; I found the video interesting, where it talked about the difference between explaining and justifying. 🙂 I only find it necessary when it’s an issue I feel strongly about.