Keeping things simple for a Monday.
This is a short list of current raves and rants, in alphabetical order: (pedantic! 😉 )

rants and raves, thumbs up

A fabulous taste sensation we experienced on New Year’s Eve,
with pan-seared scallops and fettuccine. Delizioso!

Traditional German holiday bread.

What’s not to love? This was our holiday gang:

Raves and rants - holiday dogs

How ya doin’? We’re good!

Especially during the Winter Festival of Lights.

Niagara Falls, Raves and Rants

This never gets old!

Delicious, economical Italian alternative to French champagne.
Makes a great Mimosa (mix with orange juice) for a holiday breakfast.

Haha! Obviously still in a holiday mood here, no doubt because of our stringent January diet plan.
We don’t count calories for the month of December (it would spoil the fun)
and of course, are paying for that now (see Rants).

thumbs down

who don’t scoop their dogs’ poop – especially in the winter!
Please excuse the caps. MAJOR pet peeve. Gives the rest of us a bad name, as well.

As someone who works at home (with dogs), it can be bedlam when someone knocks on the door unexpectantly.(I have a gate to contain the dogs, otherwise.) In an attempt to avoid these scenes, there are two signs in the front window, visible to anyone coming up the front steps. One says, “NO SOLICITING” and the other, “BEWARE OF DOG”. Do you think these work? Not a chance! My response to these people: “You can read can’t you?”, while pointing at the sign and slamming the door in their faces.

Hubby and I are a couple of “foodies” and also enjoy fine restaurant dining.
We refuse to count calories during the holidays and there’s an over-abundance
of goodies around, which means we have to make up for it now.
Time to pay that proverbial piper. UGH!

Raves and Rants, The Doglady's Den

Too sad!


For those of us with asthma and arthritis, working out can be difficult and painful,
but I found this one doable, sitting on a chair and using an exercise band:

Now, to find the self-discipline to keep at it!

What are some of your raves and rants?
Do share!


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  1. Good rants. As you know, I’m a big fan of ranting.
    Door to door salesmen still exist? I had no idea. Still, I’m sure their intention is not to annoy you. They are just trying to do a job. At least they are not leaving doo-doo all over the place. Unless maybe they are???? 😀 LOL
    Also, I’m in the same boat as you, I have not been tracking for the past two months and it SHOWS!!!
    I’m trying to do so now.
    Jeffrey Scott recently posted…Lost and Found (Episode 3 – Chapter 1)My Profile

    • Hi, Jeffrey; Yes, I thought you might appreciate these rants. 🙂 What pisses me off about the door to door solicitors is that they are completely ignoring my sign, which clearly states: NO SOLICITING. So far, they haven’t shat on my porch, but I have been tempted to fling some at them. 😉 The dogs go insane when someone comes to the door, which is unpleasant if they’re not contained behind the gate. I don’t like to do that unless someone is expected because it makes them nervous.

      Yes, the holiday excesses always catch up with us, don’t they? Thanks for dropping in. I’ve got a fun BOTB for tomorrow. It’s a “double dog dare you” challenge from our good friend Shady. Hope you’ll have time to check it out. Cheers!
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

  2. Door to door sales people seem to be universally not popular. I wonder why that is?

    Love your breakfast drink. That should make for a mellow morning.
    Myke Todd recently posted…Eliza Anne’s Coffee CalamityMy Profile

  3. Pedantic – A little bit of German goes a loooonnnnngggg way. I guesstimate that I am about 1/3 German and this is where I get the quirk of being pedantic. My mother has it too. You could say I learned it at her knee, or I came by it honest.
    I get what you mean about the dog pooper nonscoopers and soliciters. I don’t have a problem with that where I live. There is the problem who want what they want and could care less how that puts me out problem that frustrates me.
    Dieting – The story of my life. It sounds like you and your hubby have a nice balance worked out. We are lucky people in our worry is eating too much.
    ann bennett recently posted…GlitteratiMy Profile

    • Who knew we had this in common, Ann? 🙂 I’m pretty much mostly German; born there, German mother, Canadian father of German descent. My mother in her prime was much worse than I am, but I have relaxed some over the years.

      Selfish people can certainly make one’s life miserable. Learning to say “NO” is an acquired skill and a good one to have. Hope you get it sorted out.

      Yes, we do have a nice life and I recognize how lucky we are to have so few real problems. The weight issue is an ongoing struggle, but there are starving people in the world and we try to “pay it forward” by donating to food banks, etc.

      Thanks for dropping in and Happy New Year! 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

  4. Your doggies are beautiful and the one black one reminds me of my Katie. I enjoyed all the chocolates (Dominoes) but now I must behave since my fat acquired more fat. Loved the lights my hubby put up and am happy now that all is down and packed away to play late this year again. I hate dog poop too and gum! Please put the gum in the garbage, I hate it under my shoe. People are complaining about the cold where I live. We live in Ontario Canada not Florida or New Orleans so suck it up and enjoy the season! Happy New Year again to you
    Birgit recently posted…Cards! Yippee!My Profile

    • Happy New Year, Birgit! 🙂 Ah yes, the black Lab. Your Katie must have been a beauty as well.

      We got some Dominoes at the German deli, along with a few other goodies, like the Stollen and as a special treat, Asbach Uhralt brandy beans. 🙂 The holidays are great, but yes, now it’s time to behave.

      We do limited Christmas lights these days, as the labour involved (ie. climbing on the roof) is becoming a bit more difficult. For next year, I’ll be getting those new spotlights that cover your house in coloured dots and give a similar effect.

      Agree about the gum. That is nasty too, but at least, it doesn’t smell as bad as dog poop.

      Complaining about the weather is like a sport around here and makes some of us feel better. 🙂 Winter is especially difficult for me, as I have a circulatory disorder and always feel cold, no matter what. All the good things about living here certainly outweigh that one bad point, though.

      Thanks for dropping in. Cheers!
      Debbie D. recently posted…THE DOGLADY’S 2015 RETROSPECTIVEMy Profile

  5. I don’t even bother to answer the door. Unless it’s a neighbor or someone I recognize the door isn’t opened. It’s rude, and with dogs excited by such a visit not worth the effort to even get to the door. My rant would also include unwanted solicitation via the phone. If I don’t recognize the number I don’t answer but now they leave extensive messages, and all by computer!
    Happy New Year – I’m with you on the diet fix after a holiday – my goal is to increase my walking, even out in the cold. Wishing us both good luck!
    Yolanda Renee recently posted…POWERMy Profile

    • Happy New Year, Yolanda; I often just push down the window and yell at them from there. Disrespecting my sign really pisses me off! 😀

      Call Display works well for me. Luckily; few of these pests leave messages and I also have a function from Bell that allows me to block callers altogether so they can’t even get through. Pity it only accommodates 12 numbers!

      So many of us are in diet mode now. Increased walking in winter is tough for me, as I have a circulatory disorder and freeze easily, but I do a fair amount anyway, because of the dogs. The chair workout is great, but I need more self-discipline. 😛
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

  6. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

    I enjoyed reading your rants and raves. Mrs. Shady uses arugula in salads. I told her about the pesto idea and she’s excited to try it. She is also familiar with stollen. I thought he was a Soviet leader! 🙂 I love the picture of the five dogs. I wish I could be there to roll around and play with them. Dogs love me because I pay more attention to them than I do to the people in the room. I love to give them affection and talk to them. That’s a great illustration of “stepping in it.” I think I’ll use it as the new header of my blog! 🙂 I have a set of stretch cables and use them every day for my workouts. They are an excellent choice for people with arthritis and other medical challenges. I don’t have any particular rants except for the fact that “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” on the home shopping channels. Can’t they at least wait till the 4th of July to kick-off the holiday season? 🙂

    Good news! As it happens I will be visiting your neighborhood in the very near future. When I knock three times please let me in so that I can dump a huge mound of dirt on your living room rug and then proceed to demonstrate the awesome new vacuum cleaner I am selling door-to-door. Be sure to tell me how many of my vacuums and accessories you would like to buy. Remember our miracle vacuum’s slogan: “It really sucks!”

    Happy Monday, dear friend Debbie!
    Shady Del Knight recently posted…Who Survived The Version Sacrifice? …and Happy Birthday, Helen Ettline!My Profile

    • Good day, Shady! Please excuse the tardy reply, but better late than never, yes? 🙂

      That was the first time we tried arugula pesto and it was a great taste sensation! Let me know what you think, if Mrs. Shady tries it out. I love arugula in salads, too. Adds a lovely spiciness.

      You said: “Dogs love me because I pay more attention to them than I do to the people in the room…” Same here and dogs naturally gravitate towards me. They KNOW who loves them! 🙂

      Some of us have a helluva time getting down on the ground and back up, so I’m grateful to have found a chair workout using the bands. Helps to keep the asthma under control as well.

      Christmas commercials now? Probably leftovers.

      You’d be welcome in my home anytime, but leave your vacuum cleaner out of it or I’ll sic the dogs on you! 😉 (Rimshot for your bad pun!) I actually did that once with a pushy real estate agent and a feisty Jack Russell. He high-tailed it off my porch like his ass was on fire, never to return! 😀

      Your “double dog dare you” challenge is coming up on Friday and I’m really looking forward to it! See you there!
      Debbie D. recently posted…REGRETS #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondaysMy Profile

  7. I love dogs. I used to have a pet dog in my childhood but more than a pet of the house, me and my brother used to treat him like our little brother and he too competed with us in everything. He stayed with us for 4 years. Needless to mention, I loved all the dogs in the pics.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Let me introduce myself…#Monday MusingsMy Profile

  8. Eating healthy again and having to lose that holiday weight is definitely on my rant list! On the other hand, still being on holidays until next week is on my raves! 🙂

    Love your doggies! So cute. And the Festival of lights at Niagara Falls looks spectacular. When I went to see them, it was summer so there was no chance of waiting till night as we were just doing a day trip.
    Sanch recently posted…Book Review: DaughterMy Profile

  9. Such a cute post, Debbie! Loved your raves! Tasted stollen bread for the first time two years ago and found it delicious! Later found a recipe but I am yet to try it.

    Ugh – non-poop scoopers! Nice to know you found a do-able exercise! No dogs, but the doorbells and phone calls – not all of which are meant for me are annoying enough!

    Happy 2016 to you!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Being The Change #SpreadTheVibeMy Profile

  10. What a healthy topic! Great to rave… makes me more aware and thankful… Great to rant… helps let all the frustrations out.

    Is this your bed the dogs are on, or do they get their own bed? I swear I want to visit you if I should come back as a dog.

    My biggest rant are politicians… stupid stupid politicians. And my biggest rave are smart smart politicians, who are realisitic and truly care about their country citizens, instead of glorifying themselves. whew… I feel better now.

    Thanks Debbie, and I wish you a wonderful day full of smiles and calorie reduced goodies.
    Angelika Schwarz recently posted…Book Trailer – WINGS ON HER HEELSMy Profile

    • Hi, Angelika; Yes, there’s nothing like a good rant to make you feel better! 🙂 I’m with you about the politicians. Sadly, the former are more plentiful than the latter. 😛

      Yes, that is the master bed. I invited the dogs up there to take the photo, but many also sleep there with us. Some have their own beds, too. They all enjoy coming here. It’s their “vacation resort”. 🙂

      Have a great day yourself. I’m trying to acquire a taste for “rabbit food”. Not working so far, but will try to persevere. We relax the restrictions slightly on the weekends.
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

  11. Happy New Year to you, Debbie

    Such cute dogs..I especially liked the second dog photos…My husband wants to get a dog in the future..I’m not yet sure what I want, thinking about it though..Is it a lot of work?

    • Happy New Year, Nabanita! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, dogs are a lot of work, almost as much as babies, especially in the beginning, because they need to be properly trained. Some breeds also require lots of exercise and are what you would call “high maintenance”. Other breeds have various health issues. Best to do some research. 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

  12. Soumya

    What a wonderfully detailed random post 🙂

  13. Lata S

    I like the no calories rule for Dec. Dogs are cute too. How do you manage them?

  14. Keeping dogs over the holidays is a great service to many. Glad you enjoyed your holidays, Debbie.
    Dogs and doorbells are crazy in our home too, even though we have only two dogs!
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…When Enough Is Enough #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  15. My rant: Slow people
    Carol Graham recently posted…20 Things You Said You Would Never DoMy Profile

  16. I’m with you on the poop. When I came back home from vacation there was a fresh pile in my yard. I’m refusing to pick it up and hoping the rains wash it away. So far it’s still there, but tomorrow the gardener comes and that will hopefully remove the problem.

    We’re in a gated community so we don’t get many doorbell ringers. Get mostly annoying phone calls.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Disgusting, isn’t it? I wish I could catch some of these people in the act! It would have to be a major downpour to wash the poop off your lawn.

      Those door to door people are so annoying! Phone calls are easier to ignore, especially with Call Display. If it says “Unknown Caller”, it’s likely a telemarketer.

  17. Hi Debbie,

    Ahhhh, I loved seeing all the dogs. How adorable. I too am having to make up for the holiday festivities and food. I see you found a great resource with Sparkpeople. I am a proud supporter of Sparkpeople. I lost a mass amount of weight in my past through their website, support and resources. Great site. : )

    Happy New Year.

    Irish Carter recently posted…10 Ways to Build a Relationship with Your TeenMy Profile

    • Good day, Irish; The dogs like to pose. 🙂 So many of us are suffering those post-holiday consequences. Yes. the Sparkpeople website has some fabulous info and I’ll be exploring it in depth over the next few weeks. Glad I found a workout that doesn’t involve getting down on the floor! Thanks for dropping in and have a great week.
      Debbie D. recently posted…LARGE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

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