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acropolis and parthenon

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Day 1: April 1

Did you ever have a life-long dream come true?

Did you want to pinch yourself, to make sure it was real?

This is where I was in September, 2013.  From the time I could read, it was my wish to one day visit Greece, experience the ancient history, culture and ambience.  To be at the heart of Greek mythology!  First day in Athens, I couldn’t wait to get up to the hotel’s roof top restaurant and look around.  There it was, in all its glory!


Acropolis and Parthenon ©D.D.B. 2013

Dating back to the 5th Century B.C., The Acropolis was proclaimed as the preeminent monument on the European Cultural Heritage list in 2007.  Perched at the top is the Parthenon, most famous of all the remaining structures in Classical Greece.

The day we climbed our way to the top was a huge milestone for me.  I thought that day would never come and now, here we were!

My eyes glistened with happy tears.

Dream come true! ©D.D.B. 2013

 The Acropolis has several other buildings, all of them impressive.

This is the Temple of Athena Nike, which means “Victory” in Greek.
Athena was worshipped here, as goddess of victory in war and wisdom.

Athena Nike
Temple of Athena Nike ©D.D.B. 2013

This theatre, aka “Odeon” was built by a rich man named Herodes Atticus
in 161 AD to honour his late wife.  It’s still in use today.

Odean of Herodes Atticus
Odeon of Herodes Atticus ©D.D.B. 2013

There’s lots to see and do in Athens and I’d love to go back someday.

γεια σας!

[Yassas means Cheers in English.  Alternatively, hello or goodbye]

 Read more about our Greek Odyssey HERE.


History of Athens

What’s your dream destination?

Looking forward to your comments!

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76 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: “A” is for ACROPOLIS in ATHENS

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Living in your dreams 😉 That must be a wordless feeling!

    This topic taking me back to your series, Debbie ~ Greek Odyssey. Wish if we could go back in time, and see their lives back then and how advanced the ancient civilizations were. Isn’t it? 🙂

    Witnessing such a huge and majestic architectures is awesome indeed. Did you witness Pyramids too? 🙂 I’d love to see ’em and especially the ones in the list of “Wonders of the World”. Glorious!

    Have fun with the challenge and enjoy your week, Debbie 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…Show Related Posts on Blogger with LinkWithinMy Profile

  2. How wonderful that you got to make a dream come true, Debbie. Greece is a marvelous country. Like you, I was a big fan from very, very early on–probably had to do with an art historian mom. We were there when I was around 8, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. We got lucky, too: Nurejev was performing at the Odeon and we were able to get tickets. I think my mom might have shed a tear or two 🙂

    Thanks for the great post!
    Guilie Castillo recently posted…#atozchallenge: B is for BachelorsMy Profile

    1. Nurejev at the Odeon – Wow! There would have been tears, for sure Guilie! 😀 Ancient history has been a major passion all my life and to finally get to Greece was just mind-blowing. Hard to top that. Thanks for visiting.
      Debbie recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: My Profile

    1. Hi Holly; We thought about going to Istanbul, because there was a cruise that included it, but due to time constraints, we chose the shorter one that only had Ephesus, which is absolutely magnificent! 🙂 In hindsight…….Sigh. Greece and Italy are fabulous too. Thanks for visiting and good luck with the challenge.
      Debbie recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: My Profile

  3. I was there almost exactly 41 years earlier than you…June 1972…and oh, I remember it well. Thank you for the words and pictures that helped me relive some wonderful moments of my mis-spent youth. 🙂

  4. China – various areas. Their history fascinates me.
    I enjoyed reading about your experience – your enthusiasm comes through. 🙂

  5. The Acropolis looks awesome! I have never been to Greece but there is so much history and really cool architecture there that I would love to get there sometime soon to explore further. We are looking forward to following you on the A to Z Challenge and hope you will take time to head over to our site and follow our theme of #DreamDestinations. Maybe our paths will cross on some of our travel posts throughout the month 🙂
    Chris Boothman recently posted…Dream Destinations – ArgentinaMy Profile

  6. That’s cool. I went to Greece as a kid but I don’t really remember it. My mom said I was in the cave at Patmos when I was 2, where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. She said you could feel God’s power there, hallowed ground. It’d be cool to go back.
    robert recently posted…A is for Alfred HitchcockMy Profile

  7. The day we visited, we watched the workmen up very high on slabs they were moving into place as part of restoration – no safety belts, no helmuts, no gloves. When the slab was in place (horizontal), the men would step onto the slab and vigorously jump up and down to make sure it was in place. I tried to imagine the original Greeks who built it doing the same thing (not to mention wincing at the lack of safety protocols!) Enjoyed your reminiscing. See you tomorrow.

  8. Thanks, Debbie. This took me right back to my last visit a few years ago. It feels surreal to be surrounded by so many years of ancient history right in the middle of busy traffic and the hustle bustle of modern day Athens.
    Look forward to more magical posts all through the A-Z. 🙂

  9. Hey! I’m so glad you liked the Acropolis 🙂 I just came back from Athens for work and got to spend a day walking round the Acropolis and the museum. It was also a dream of mine to go there and once standing at the top, I was so overwhelmed by the history of it all. Did you go to the Panathenaic Stadium as well? It’s all so amazing. Thanks for this, I look forward to reading more during the A-Z Challenge

  10. Greece sounds so fascinating and beautiful, Debbie. I’d love to go there and explore all that rich history and culture. I went to Italy way back in 1985 and just loved all the Roman history. I imagine Greece would be fascinating since it really is the foundation of so much of our Western culture.

    Since I won’t be going to Greece anytime soon, thanks for letting me take a short trip and getting to see it through your eyes.
    Cathy recently posted…A is for AprilMy Profile