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This is the second instalment of Weekend Writing Warriors’

8 Sentence Sunday Blog Hop.

Currently, I am writing a multi-part series about the dogs in my care, which will be turned into a book. So far, there are four chapters. These 8 sentences are a continuation from last week’s first chapter:

Luke bounded at me, then stopped to sniff. He looked up, as if to say “oh yes, I remember you” and started to wag his tail. Big sigh of relief from my end.

I grabbed the leash from the wall and he started “talking” to me. “Rawr, rawr, rawr , rawr” [~Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go~]. This made me smile. So impatient! We got in the car and headed for the park.

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Debbie D.
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53 thoughts on “#8sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; FEB. 10/13

  1. I thought this post had looked familiar and then I remember having read something similar before.

    I can’t imagine caring for others pets Debbie and then losing them too. I don’t doubt that you and Lorraine were just a boo hooing together over Luke’s passing. Dogs get me every darn time.

    You are a God send to love them so much and care for them like they’re your own.

    Loved your story Debbie!


    1. Hi Adrienne; It looks like something has gone amiss with my commenting system and I just found this so many days later! Apologies to you. Glad you liked the story.

  2. Sounds like an interesting series Debbie!

    Though I haven’t read the earlier series, but I am sure the book is going to be an awesome read. So, wishing you all the very best with it. 🙂

  3. Very visual, I can see (and hear!!) Luke in front of me, talking! Wonderful! I’d like to hear more about that dog-human language dictionary :))

  4. Debbie, I’ve done a lot of dogspeak, catspeak in my time. Recognized every word in your eight. A suggestion. You might say “from me” instead of “from my end.” Delightful. Thanks.

  5. well done! A friend of mine writes complicated mysteries entirely from the dog’s (don’t call him that so he can hear you, he’s the hero) POV. and have you read merle’s door – interesting book

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! Appreciate your kind words and yes, I have a prized copy of Merle’s Door in my library; given to me by a client. The back story on that is, her beloved dog passed away a month before mine and they were both “Freethinking Dogs”, just like Merle. Bittersweet tale. (I cried and cried at the end….)

  6. I already tried commenting, I think it got swallowed by the website but at risk of repeating myself…this reminds me a lot of my own dog, whenever I pick up a leash. Crazy animal 🙂

  7. I like how you translate Luke’s vocalizations, but you keep him very doggy-like too. It’s a good feeling when you see that recognition in an animal’s eyes, followed by acceptance. Interested to find out more 🙂

  8. Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by Drama Mama.
    I love the concept for this book and think you have landed on a great idea (speaking as someone who bought dog-related books as Christmas gifts for both her mother and mother-in-law). By the side widget “BlogPaws Community” it looks like you are building a platform for this as well. Great!

    Maybe instead of translating everything the dog does/says, let it “speak” on its own? For example – after the “rawr rawr rawr” maybe something like: “His impatience made me smile – always so ready to go!”

    1. Hi Melonie; Thanks for the return visit and glad you like the concept, as well. Interesting suggestion and I will mull it over, although, I always translate “dogspeak” in my imagination. After all these years, I’m fluent in it. 😉

  9. I love this, Debbie! It is so sweet that you translated what Luke was saying. I’m so glad you’re writing this. All that experience put into a book! 🙂

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