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Welcome back! It’s time to announce results for the Oct. 1st BOTB post

Battle of the Bands BOTB Vincent

BATTLE OF THE BANDS (BOTB), hosted by Far Away Series and StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands. is where you listen to different recordings of the same song and vote for the one you like best. Two “Battles” per month, on the 1st and 15th. Votes will be tallied and posted the following week.

This one pitted English musician, Justin Hayward
against American musician/actor, Josh Groban

I’ve always loved the original version of this song and hadn’t heard any covers before. Both contenders gave it their all and I was convinced this would be another close battle. It seemed evenly matched at first, but then the votes for Justin started rolling in and poor Josh fell behind. Given Josh’s popularity worldwide, this was a surprise.

On the other hand, those who said his performance lacked emotion, was over-produced and affected adversely by his classical training had good points. In addition, The Moody Blues have been one of my favourite bands since “Nights in White Satin” debuted in 1967. Justin’s voice never fails to draw me in, emotionally, so he gets my vote, not that he needs it.



By 70% 


So much for the idea that this would be close!

Here’s the winner once more, in a live performance:

I just had to throw this in as well. 😀
Justin Hayward and John Lodge with the Moody Blues in concert, Aug. 2014.
Their 50th Anniversary Tour. It was a magical night! ♥

Vincent, sung by Justin Hayward, wins #BOTB

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Heads up; going back to rock! \m/

Was this the outcome you expected or were you surprised?
Did your favourite win?

Looking forward to your comments!

Until next time.



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20 thoughts on “VINCENT – #BOTB RESULTS

    1. Josh definitely has the pipes but, IMO, the emotion was lacking. Still, I was expecting a much closer battle. One never knows! 🙂 Glad you were on the winning side.

  1. Debbie, I’m not surprised. I figured it could go either way and although I voted for Josh Groban, I am not disappointed that Justin won. His cover is very nice, too. What a beautiful song by two outstanding artists!

    1. Yes, both covers had their merits and I’m surprised the results weren’t closer. Sorry your choice didn’t win, but he put up a good fight, at least.

    1. Ah yes, but you picked the other guy. 😉 Josh Groban’s voice is magnificent, win or lose. Thanks for participating. I’m going back to my rock roots next time. Be forwarned. LOL

  2. Hi, Debbie the Doglady! It always pleases me when you and I agree and we did in your contest (and on that rap group on Lee’s blog :). I knocked off points from Josh’s performance precisely for the reasons you listed. Justin’s rendition took me back to my youth and that definitely influenced my vote. It was an easy win for Justin Hayward but please, dear friend, don’t be moody blue. It was a great battle nevertheless. I hope you are having a fine week, dear friend Debbie!

    1. Hi Shady; Yes, it is nice to agree. 🙂 I was surprised the contest wasn’t a bit closer, but Justin’s win is well-deserved. Thanks for participating. Going back to rock next time. \m/

  3. I voted for the winner!
    I almost forgot it’s about time to start counting the votes and declaring the winner. I will need to do that today.
    I seriously need time for just blogging and writing.

    1. Nice to be on the winning end! 🙂 I was with yours, as well. Blogging AND writing? At the same time?! I tried that, didn’t work too well. Hope you figure it out, Jeffrey.