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Going offline for a few days. Have a VERY MERRY!



(Dec. 5, 2012)

Winter is my least favourite time of year, (fortunately, we live in southern Canada, so, it’s not as bad as most of the country). Despite that, I always look forward to December and all the trimmings of the holiday season. One thing I can’t get my head around is the “new age” decorating style. Pink? Purple??? What????? Please!

Compare these two images:


To each their own, of course, but, wouldn’t you agree the traditional style is more elegant and pleasing to the eye? Is this a generational thing?

Perhaps it stems from my heritage. The Christmas Tree, or Tannenbaum was invented by the Germans and we take it very seriously.

I can remember my mother, painstakingly hanging the tinsel “just so” and lighting the real candles, fastened to sterling silver holders.


Are you in the mood yet?


People have different tastes when it comes to Christmas carols and other holiday music. I like most of it; classics and contemporary, but please,


Starting too early is not a good idea either and tends to turn people off. December 1st sounds about right, don’t you think?

This is my favourite Christmas classic; originating in 19th century Austria:

Michael Bublé, that silky-voiced Canadian crooner,(yes; he’s one of ours)
came out with a wonderful Christmas CD last year. Here’s a sampling:

Alright; we have the decor and the music. What about sustenance? Most of us over-indulge in December and you know what? So we should! This is, after all, the “holiday” season, so, let’s relax and enjoy! A friend once said that calories don’t count this time of year and I am in full agreement. Plenty of time for dieting after New Year’s.

christmas dinner

The commercialization of Christmas has become ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? People strive to find bigger, more expensive gifts and load up their credit cards to the breaking point. Come January, when the bills roll in, they’ve probably forgotten all they spent and keel over in shock! No wonder it’s such a miserable month. I would much prefer an inexpensive, meaningful gift, to an extravagant, frivolous one, any day.

xmas gifts

coexist happy holidays

Audio holiday message, below. Click on arrow to play:

What do you enjoy most about the holidays?

(Or, perhaps you don’t?)

All comments welcome.


champagne toast

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21 thoughts on “‘TIS THE SEASON

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. loved your post and yes I agree I think the traditional tree looks best. Wish you a wonderful 2013.

    1. Happy New Year to you and thanks for the return visit. Most people do prefer the traditional approach when it comes to Christmas decorating. Thank goodness!

  2. Hi Debbie. My grandsons thought it was awful because I refused to start before Dec.1. And as far as the songs go, I really don’t want to hear them more than one a day before Christmas week. I love em but get fed up one after the other and usually the same ones over and over. New follower from the BSN blog hop.

    1. Hello Julie; I can understand how Christmas music gets boring after awhile. Wouldn’t want a steady diet of it, but, do enjoy the songs here and there. We play our CDs on Christmas Eve while preparing dinner though. Puts us in the mood. 🙂 Thanks for hopping on over from BSN. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I guess I’m on this one with you. I’m more of a warm weather kinda guy. Snow and cold? I’m not to good at handling that, but it comes with the season. Not much one can do about it.
    What I do like about the season is the what we call ‘gezelligheid’ in Dutch. That can be best described as ‘a comfy feeling under a warm blanket’ kinda feeling… 😉

    1. Great description Jan. Almost the same word in German:
      chumminess, close friendship, conviviality, friendliness, gregariousness, sociability
      Dictionary source: Babylon German-English Dictionary
      That’s my favourite part, too.
      Prettige Feestdagen!

  4. Hey Debbie!

    I agree, I’m more traditional so maybe it’s an age thing. Who really knows.

    I can’t start even thinking about getting excited about Christmas until December hits. Now this year it’s been kind of hard because we’ve had 80 degree weather until today. Yeah, it’s in the 40’s baby!!! Now that’s getting me in the spirit of things. It ain’t Christmas unless you’re bundling it up.

    I love the caroling too, just don’t hear much of it anymore.

    Still love the holidays and will continue to eat like there’s no tomorrow. That’s okay, as soon as I go back to my normal eating pattern the weight comes right back off. Does it every year.

    Thanks for sharing these music classics Debbie and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful trees.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Adrienne. You’ re so lucky about the weight coming off easily. I have thyroid issues and it’s always difficult for me, but, I refuse to let it put a damper on the holidays. We would be SO happy here if December was in the 40s, (never mind the 80s 😉 ).It’s usually in the 30s here and below, with the windchill factor. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!

  5. Hi there! I agree with you … the pink tree is a bit over the top! I’m 54 so I, too, remember the more traditional Christmas things!! I am in Upstate NY so I can’t imagine running my AC in winter, but the idea sounds kind of nice around March…when everybody is getting tired of the cold, dreary weather!! We can’t complain about snow though…we are very behind in snow totals!! I just love the Christmas holiday…it is my favorite!! xo Jeanne

    1. Hi Jeanne; Thanks for reading and commenting, It’s my favourite holiday too. 🙂 The house is so warm and cozy with the the decorations and the outside lights are beautlful. Sometimes, I take a night drive around town, just to see them. We haven’t had much snow here either, the last few years, but, it sure does get cold sometimes. Have a good week.

  6. It might be a generational thing lol. I decorate pretty traditionally but I do find that pink tree really cute! (I’m 28) It’s not too cold here in Texas, in fact I’ve had my AC on most days so far this fall and winter. As for the Christmas music, I’m not so much a fan. And I’m not really a fan of putting up a Christmas tree or taking it down for that matter… it’s such a pain!

    1. It’s probably both generational and geographical. 😉 We Germans are serious about our trees. I absolutely agree that putting them up is a pain, so, I made it easy on myself. Since we have dogs in the house, instead of one big tree, standing on the floor, we have three tabletop ones. They’re all pre-decorated and pre-lit. When the season is finished we just throw dust covers over them and store them in the basement until next year. No fuss, no muss. 😀 Warm enough for A/C in winter! That’s something I wouldn’t mind experiencing. Lots of people here go south for holidays around Feb. or March, because they’re fed up with the cold by then.
      Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment.

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