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Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday.

SKYLINE, photo friday
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The Toronto skyline and CN Tower is one of my favourite sights and I try to photograph it whenever possible. (We live in the suburbs, but go there often.)

This shot was taken on Sept, 18, 2015, around 11 pm. We had just exited a Scorpions concert at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, which is situated right on Lake Ontario. Beauty, eh? 😀 (Canadian vernacular.)

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Skyline, Toronto and CN Tower, Photo Friday

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Do you enjoy taking night shots? Do they always turn out well?  

Looking forward to your comments!


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28 thoughts on “SKYLINE – PHOTO FRIDAY

  1. That’s a great skyline; different from the norm. The colour of the tower stretching into the night really works.

  2. Hi Debbie! I just love skyline shots of cities. I’ve never been to Toronto, but it looks amazing. My river city, Brisbane, looks quite fetching at night, too. 🙂

    1. Hi Denise; I’d love to visit Australia some day! The Toronto skyline is unique with the CN Tower, which is one of the “wonders of the modern world” and for a time was the tallest free-standing structure. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. i have to say the Toronto skyline is quite striking especially at night with the skydome(I still prefer to call it that). It sounds like you had a great time at the concert too

    1. Hi, Birgit; I never get tired of that view! 🙂 I think you mean CN Tower? The former Skydome, (I prefer that name too!) now Rogers Centre is next to it and not visible in this photo.

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Toronto. Love the skyline shot.
    Ya hey, I get a lot of the Canadian vernacular. Living in Wisconsin, a lot of it has trickled down to our lovely state. Dontcha know.

    1. We never get tired of that skyline view, as you may have noticed. 🙂 Toronto is a world-class city and you would like it here, Jeffrey. Come on up and we’ll go to Timmies for a double-double. 😉

      1. I loved your photos, Yolanda and want to visit Ocean City. Such an honour to have my own spot on your blog, too. 😀
        Trust me, I’m not that good at photography. Most of the credit goes to the camera!

  5. That’s a great shot, Debbie the Doglady! If I attempted a picture like that immediately after attending a Scorpions – Queensrÿche show, I’d be bouncing off the walls and would need to lock the cam down on a tripod to keep it steady. I’m happy to know you have fond memories of that night and this stunning image to remind you of it.

    1. Yes, I was happy with it. Never get enough of that view. 🙂 It was a great night all around and the concert photos also turned out well, as you saw. Thanks for dropping by, Shady. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Michele. 🙂 We’ve been to the top a few times, but not recently. They charge a whopping $30.00 a person for that privilege now! 😮 Still, I would like to go back up one of these days and get some photos. The view is breathtaking.

  6. This is a great night shot, very clear,and I can see the reflections in the water. I have to work on my night shots. They never come out as good as yours did. How do you set your camera?

    1. Actually, photography isn’t my strong suit. LOL The trick is to get a good digital camera, set it on automatic and then edit, if necessary, on the computer. 😉 I did lighten the exposure just a tad. I find taking pictures at night with many lights generally works well without the flash.

    1. Yes, we Torontonians are all proud of the CN Tower, Corinne. 🙂 It’s been years since we’ve been up there (they charge $30.00 a person). We must do it again, one of these days! Thanks for visiting.