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Can you believe it’s the middle of August already?
Time for another Battle of the Bands contest.


BATTLE OF THE BANDS (BOTB), hosted by StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands. is where you listen to different recordings of the same song and vote for the one you like best. Two “Battles” per month, on the 1st and 15th. Votes will be tallied and posted the following week. (Please note: Effective July 2017, some of us switched to once a month on the 15th. Others may opt to continue with twice a month.) See below for further details.


This one’s a little unusual. Enjoy!


Seven Nation Army is a song by American rock duo The White Stripes. It was released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, Elephant, in March 2003, and reached number one, maintaining that position for three weeks. It was well received commercially and won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. A combination of the song’s popularity, recognizable riff, and defiant lyrics led to it becoming the band’s signature. It has been used widely at sporting events (especially European soccer) and political protests internationally. – WIKIPEDIA

[Reference only. Not eligible for voting.]

On to the contest!


Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir known outside Iceland simply as Greta Salóme is an Icelandic singer, songwriter, and violinist with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. In Sept. 2016, she received a challenge from her fans on social media to do something different than what she would normally do, where only her voice and violin were permitted. The chosen song was Seven Nation Army. Greta rose to the challenge and went an untraditional route with the arrangement by using the violin for drums, chords, and all other instruments. She even transformed a part of the song into rap, which is not something she had done before.

[vocals start at 0:45]



The Pretty Reckless, fronted by actor/singer/rhythm guitarist Taylor Momsen is an American rock band from New York City. Formed in 2009, the band has released three studio albums, two EPs, 11 singles and 12 music videos. Seven Nation Army is a staple of their live shows.

[vocals start at 1:46]


Please state your preference in comments below and why you chose it.
Voting remains open until 11:59 pm EDT Aug. 21st,
after which I will count the votes, add mine and publish the results.

These are the other BOTB regulars and semi-regulars.
Please cruise on by their sites and, if they have a post up, vote on their selections as well:
[Check back – there’s no set posting time]

Angels Bark / Cherdo On The Flipside / Curious as a Cathy / Jingle Jangle Jungle / Mike’s Ramblings / Sound of One Hand Typing / HOST: StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands / Tossing It Out / Your Daily Dose

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Until next time.

ROCK ON!Debbie

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  1. Hey Debbie,
    Girl, so sorry it’s taken me so long to make the BOTB rounds. You know what’s been going on in my world these last weeks. And if you left a comment at my battle, I haven’t even had a chance to read it yet…
    So glad to be back to quasi-normal status!

    LOVE your battle! Wow, Greta Salome is amazing! She’s definitely getting my vote. So talented. First of all, violin is probably my favorite instrument (especially electric violin: ever heard of Omar Lopez? I’ve seen him here in Austin many times and each time he rocks it! I may have told you about him before because I’m a big fan. Check out some of his music at His first album, Forever Red, is my favorite. You can hear some of it at his site). Anyway, Greta and her violin: Spectacular! Loved her ingenuity and creativity in the challenge. She blew it away.

    The Pretty Reckless took a while to get going but I enjoyed their version too. Just not anywhere near as much as I did Greta’s. I’ll have to check out some more of her stuff.
    Thanks for the introduction! Frankly, I like her version way better than the White Stripes.

    GREAT battle!
    Hope you had a fun weekend…

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks for taking the time to vote, Michele! 🙂 I know you’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, so it’s greatly appreciated. Greta is super-talented and she’s destroying the competition here. I wish I could have found a studio recording for The Pretty Reckless because they really are a great band. Oh well! Here comes another blowout. 😛 Thanks for the Omar Lopez link. I don’t know him but will definitely check it out.

  2. I do appreciate the guitar playing on Pretty Reckless but I have to give it to Greta Salome who is supremely talented and created so many sounds just using her violin. Her voice is great and she even rapped…which I normally hate but this was good.

    1. At least The Pretty Reckless warranted a mention, even if your vote went to Greta. Thanks, Birgit. 🙂 In hindsight, I should have put her up against the original.

  3. Sorry it took me an extra day to get back. “Things” got in my way yesterday. I have to vote for Greta Salome because of the way she uses her voice and her violin. I didn’t think I could accept a version of this song that wasn’t done by The White Stripes, but Greta made me change my mind.


    1. No worries, Janie. 🙂 Life before blogging, yes? Greta surely is impressive if she can win over a dedicated White Stripes fan! Thanks for your vote. Looks like a landslide victory in the making here.

  4. Well, DEBBIE, like most of the others, I’m gonna have to go with GRETA.

    Pretty Reckless was… pretty typical. There wasn’t a note or an idea in that whole performance that hasn’t already been done six million, six thousand, and six hundred times before.

    I almost wanted to say: Find your own Voice or get off the stage so someone else can find theirs.

    The Greta performance though, now that was a bit different. Points and a Vote for originality!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

    1. Hi Stephen; I’m not surprised by your choice. Too bad there was no studio version available for The Pretty Reckless. Greta’s performance was definitely unique. Here comes another blowout! Sigh….

  5. Good morning, Debbie!

    I’m here ready to party with you! Just so you’ll know I do not have a battle this go around and won’t be back in full swing until the middle of next month. Okay, onward to my pick. First off, great song choice! Second, cool using female vocals – totally different! Greta pulled this song off fabulously!! Her version made me think of the Piano Guys a little except with a Violin. The mixture of singing and rapping was done nicely. This is coming from someone who hates rapping and generally does not like talking in a song. Taylor was too predictable and offering nothing new that another heavy female rocker might do. My vote goes to Greta!

    1. Great to see you, Cathy! 🙂 I’ve been spending more time away from blogging as well, so I understand completely. Greta’s version was definitely innovative. No surprise she’s in the lead. Thanks for your vote.

  6. I’m going with Greta Salome. Her performance was unique and more professional. The Pretty Reckless sounded like a high school garage band to me. Also, I looked up other videos of Greta. She’s just cool. 🙂

    1. It’s too bad I had to rely on a live performance video for The Pretty Reckless. It looks like Greta is the preferred choice by many and your vote is duly noted. Thanks for joining the battle! You’re right – Greta is cool. 🙂

  7. I had a hard time getting into Pretty Reckless, but once it got going, it wasn’t too bad. I do prefer Greta Salome for this battle. I really liked what she did with her violin.

    1. It took awhile for The Pretty Reckless to get into it. Not the best performance, but that’s all could find. 🙁 Anyway, thanks for voting. Greta gets another one.

  8. I don’t recall ever hearing this song before, but it’s a good one. It reminds me of another song I’ve heard–can’t remember it though. The Pretty Reckless had some very cool parts but also some self-indulgent stuff that one might expect in concert. As one who played violin I can better appreciate what Greta Salome does with the song. Give my vote to her.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I wish I could have found a studio recording for The Pretty Reckless. They probably would have received a few more votes, then. Oh well, Greta was very innovative. Thanks for voting, Lee. Greta starts off the contest.