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It’s been a long, hard winter here in the suburbs of Toronto; the worst in 20 years!

winter feb. 2014

They’re predicting more bad weather for March, so I’m trying to ease the pain with music. This week’s feature is:


“Long, Cold Winter” by Cinderella

“Winter” by The Rolling Stones

“Cold Weather Blues” by Muddy Waters

“A Winter’s Tale” by The Moody Blues

“Snowblind” by Black Sabbath

“A Hazy Shade of Winter” by Simon and Garfunkel

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More great music here:
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36 thoughts on “#MusicMonday; SONGS ABOUT WINTER

  1. Love the music Debbie. I like Moody Blues best, but you have some great songs here. Sorry about the weather, it has been hitting many pretty hard this year. Sometimes all you can do is sit down with good book and put on that music and enjoy.
    here is Colorado we have been lucky other than the mountains have been hit hard. Good for skiing,but we may pay for it when it start melting.
    Stay warm,

    1. Hi Debbie! 🙂 There are so many of us around. Glad you enjoyed the music. Colorado must be a beautiful state. We’re in the middle of yet another snowstorm here – worst winter in over 20 years! 🙁 Come on Spring! Thanks so much for visiting. 🙂

  2. Hi Debbie,
    My friend stays in Toronto, they are saying that it is really very unpredictible weather. Hope Toronto people get some relief…. And yes it is nice way to get reliefed… Music 🙂

    1. “The grass is always greener on the other side”. LOL We’re in the middle of a major snowstorm again and we’re mighty sick of it. 🙁 Anyway, thanks so much for visiting and stay cool. 😉

  3. Great selections about winter! Sorry it has taken me a while to get back here. Worked several doubles this week and had lots to take care of. See you again Monday 🙂

    1. Hi Kim; I’m late getting back to you as well, but, it’s all good! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the songs and thanks for visiting!

    1. Here too Becca. After a couple of spring like days, we’re supposed be hammered by a blizzard tonight! 🙁 Thanks for visiting and have a good week.

  4. How I Wish I Could Play in The Snow. Beautiful Music Collection For.Monday…I Should Have Dropped In Earlier. My MonDay Wouldnt Have Been So Blue.

    1. Snow is only fun when you don’t have to deal with it constantly, for many months. Thanks for visiting Rajlakshmi and hope the rest of the week is less blue for you. 🙂

  5. Got a mess of rockin’ here for sure! Love the blues. My favorite genre to jam too! Thanks for picking some heavy duty ones here & thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Debbie! For starters I’m genuinely and so terribly sorry for how badly you’ve been blasted this winter. I’ve gained several bloggers friends in Canada and the upper Eastern US and it’s been just terrible for everyone. Great selection of music and I would pick Simon and Garfunkel as my favorite in the group. Reminds me of the road trips my dad and I took when I was a kid 🙂

    1. Hi Mike; It sure has been an awful winter! 🙁 Glad you liked the tunes and that the S&G one
      brought back some pleasant memories. Music is great that way. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  7. What a super idea – songs relating to winter. I quite fancy trying all year round weather based songs sometime. It’d make a great game if you were ever snowed in – but Scotland hasn’t seen any snow this winter.

    Winter’s Tale is sung beautifully by Justin Hayward. It’s a pity David Essex gets more acclaim for it.

  8. Awesome Debbie, thanks for the songs! Winter has been horrid hear as well. I didn’t think I’d ever say, “Bring on summer!”

    1. Hi Bren; I know – it’s been bad all over! 🙁 Spring is going to suck too, with all that mud from the tonnes of melted snow. Yuck! Music always cheers me up and I’m glad you enjoyed the tunes as well. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  9. You really outdid yourself on this one Debbie! I love each of these songs! I’m listening to Black Sabbath right now. It reminds me of my uncle. When he was about 16 or 17 jamming out to this in his room. I would be hanging outside his door and wondering what the funny smell was coming from his room ;).

    Lovin’ this post girlfriend!

    1. Hi Corina; Glad you liked my selections. The story about your uncle made me smile. 😀 Music is great for bringing back memories, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting.

  10. Wow, what a great mixture of ROCK & ROLL! Moody Blues well naturally is a favorite of ours being as our last name is Moody ~snicker~. Love your blues song haven’t heard anything like that in a while. Black Sabbath, man girl you so ROCK! Gee, you look like you live next door to me. Our front yard & backyard looks exactly like that. Our black lab hates going out there. I think I’m going to have to get her some boots the big baby. Stay warm & thanks for joining us.

    1. Hi Marie and thanks for visiting. Sick of winter yet? LOL I love Black Sabbath! Going to see them for the second time in 8 months on April 11. They put on a fantastic show! 😀 Your poor Labby must get cold feet. Black Labs are gorgeous – love them too! ♥

  11. we have had a rough winter here in cleveland as well.get set of tunes.I donot believe I have ever heard a winters tale by the moody blues before.thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hi Mike; I know, winter has been bad all over. 🙁 Glad you enjoyed the tunes. The Moody Blues one was originally recorded by David Essex. This is a rare cover version.

  12. Another cold one in ‘winter’peg too! but always the sun making it bearable – grateful for that =)
    Lots of great choices for a Wintry Monday – HapPy Dancing!

    1. Hi Sharon; We’ve been lucky with the sunshine too, this year. It’s usually much greyer in the winter. I actually lived in “Winterpeg” once, as a small child. Don’t remember it, but my mother told me how cold it was! Glad you enjoyed the tunes. 🙂

  13. We finally got a snow day today, if you can call it that. It’s more like an ice day with a little bit of white stuff on streets and mud. It’s not nearly as pretty as your pictures, but I’m glad to have a day off work today. Perhaps I’ll find time to visit everyone!

    1. Hi Joyce; Sounds like pretty unusual weather for your area! Mud is never pleasant either. Hope it clears up soon! Thanks for visiting and have a great rest of the week. 🙂

  14. I like all your choices my fave was The Moody Blues

    That snow looks horrific I hope it isn’t as bad a March as they predict for you 😉

    Have a snowtastic week ahead and thanks for stopping by

    1. I’m hoping they’re wrong too, Steve! It has been a horrible winter and it started early. Glad you liked my selections. Thanks for visiting and stay warm! 🙂

    1. Ah not cold-at-all winter! I envy you that, Corinne. We are hoping for spring here, but doesn’t look very promising yet. Thanks for visiting and have a good week. 🙂

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