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Musical Memories #AtoZChallenge 2017

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I AM, I SAID | #AtoZChallenge
Day 9, April 11

The time: Spring, 1971
The place: Toronto suburbs

The “She” Chronicles are jagged fragments of my life, using third person narrative, for the sake of emotional detachment. Today’s offering is an excerpt from Episode Two, about a casual affair:

Should she break it off? Despite the compelling physical attraction, sex alone was no longer enough. An in-depth conversation would be nice on occasion, or a proper movie date instead of the drive-in; anything to indicate he liked her as a person, apart from her physical attributes.

He laughed when she brought it up. “You enjoy it as much as I do”, he grinned. True enough, but, it was getting tedious when all they did was drive around, stop for coffee or to look at sports cars and then park somewhere.

She had been deeply in love with her previous boyfriend, but he broke her heart. This was supposed to be a rebound, no strings attached, “feel good” fling; her first “adult” sexual relationship. He had made the initial experience euphoric and she was hooked on the rush.

It was fun, for awhile. Cruising around town in his father’s light blue Chevy Nova on a sunny, Sunday afternoon, the strains of Neil Diamond’s “I Am, I Said” coming from the radio. Singing along at full volume. Taking a walk, enveloped in each other’s arms. His touch ignited a fire in her and they were wildly compatible that way.

To read the rest, come back for the “R” post on Friday, April 21.

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Can you separate sex from emotion?

Looking forward to your thoughts!


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65 thoughts on “I AM, I SAID | #AtoZCHALLENGE (I) #MusicalMemories

  1. This time, I went to Part 1 first so I could understand Part 2 better….So, okay, this is a very private thing you are sharing, and very interesting. It is said that women usually can’t do it without feeling anything beyond the physical. Maybe we are wired that way. It’s probably true. I have no prior experience other than with my husband, so I can’t be a credible source with regards to separating the emotion from the act.

    I Not Stupid

    1. This is a memory that sat heavily on my shoulders for decades. Thankfully, I was able to release that weight by writing about it. I think it depends on the person. I was not in love with this guy. It was purely a physical attraction and that was fine, until I got fed up with the one-dimensionality of it. Had the ending been different, it’s likely he wouldn’t have occupied so much space in my head.

  2. You knew I wasn’t about to miss this 😉 “emptiness deep inside…” So perfect for this excerpt!
    Love the song, know the feeling; dessert without supper leaves you hungry before dawn.

  3. Another great song, I love “Neil Diamond” have quite a few of his cds.
    Another great post to read.

  4. I had a Neil Diamond Vinyl and enjoyed it quite a bit a couple of decades ago. I like “I am I said”. I think at some point sex and emotions inevitably mesh. Being detached is a challenge. 🙂 Oh I want to listen to my Neil Diamond album now. What a good lookin’ guy!

  5. I love Neil Diamond. Every single song! I’ve seen him in concert and it’s an incredible experience.

  6. Men can do this easier than women. Loving this excerpt and now my hubby is fast asleep:) I had my alcoholic boy toy as I refer to him. He helped me feel beautiful after my separation. …plus sex and lust can be so good at times

  7. I think it depends on the person. People with feelings have a harder time. I think women have a harder time in that society has pressured the nice girl role on them and males get to sow their wild oats. From a practical perspective with pregnancy and childcare, I can see where a woman had to be taught to be more responsible.

    From a current viewpoint, I think a person is sacrificing a real life relationship with casual sex. I don’t like the “hooking up” so many college age kids do. Girls allow themselves to be used.

    It is still a man’s world. All life is a gamble. We all make the best choices we can.

    1. Society has certainly changed from the past and I am glad that women have attained a certain amount of sexual freedom. That all started when the pill was invented. 🙂 As for girls being used, doesn’t that work both ways? I agree that a life of casual encounters is shallow and empty, but, sometimes, sex for its own sake can be therapeutic too. Having been brought up in Europe, my attitudes may be somewhat different about the whole subject.

    1. Thank you, Nila. That’s the only way I know how to write. 🙂 Neil Diamond had some great songs and a nice voice, but he’s not a big part of my musical library. This was more about the memory than the song itself, but the two are undeniably attached.

  8. This is definitely one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs. AND, my life is exactly the opposite–California born and raised but living in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Roads being a NEW theme song). As to the separation of sex and emotions, I don’t know, truthfully. I know I can have strong emotions without the sex but I’ve never tried it the other way around. But, I don’t think I could; it seems harder, I think, for women than for men, to be detached in that situation…

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Mary. 🙂 Neil Diamond had some great songs, for sure. Probably true that most men have an easier time separating sex from emotion, but there are women like that, as well. Personally, I don’t know how hookers can stand having sex with just anybody, no matter how repulsive. ‘Close your eyes and think of England’. 😉

  9. I like the way how you include the song into your fiction.Good one Debbie ! And i am a great fan of your music and memories !

    Launching SIM Organics This April
    *Menaka Bharathi *

    1. Thank you, but it’s not fiction. As the preamble states: It’s a true story, told in the third person because it is so personal. I needed a way to tell it with some emotional detachment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! 🙂

  10. I like how you make it third person and only gave us a segment to be continued, you sly one. Leave us wanting more. It really does give it a fictional feeling, Debbie. Good way to handle it. Sounds like some relationships I had, too. Lots of fun at the moment but not much substance for the long term. I like that song, too. My parents were Neil Diamond fans so we had all his records playing throughout my teen years.

    Good one, Debbie! I’m enjoying your music and memories!

    1. Hi Cathy; It was easier to tell it that way. You’ll see why in the next installment. Some relationships are meant to be fleeting. Neil Diamond has a huge fan base of all ages. Although not a huge fan, I do like several of his songs and he has a great voice.

  11. I was just discussing Neil Diamond and Gordon Lightfoot with my best friend. We both well remember when “I am, I said” was current.

    So glad I got to see your post this morning. They are talking about discharging me from the hospital today. I will surely be off work the rest of the month, so I can stay current here, hopefully, Debbie… And, no, I cannot separate the two.

    1. I didn’t know you were in the hospital. Michael! 😮 Just checked your Facebook page for more details. Thank goodness you’re alright. Wishing you a restful recovery. Thanks for taking the time to drop in, here. So, you’re not typical of the male species, then, but a step above. Good man! 🙂

    1. Never heard of that one. Getting a song stuck in your head can be good or bad, depending on the song. I find, it’s usually ones I don’t like. 🙂 Thanks for dropping in.

  12. Will have to wait till ‘R’ to read the next part! That’s a bummer!
    I think personally I wouldn’t be able to separate the two, though I’m not sure. I’m still in the process of discovering myself. And lately, I’ve also changed quite a bit from what I was earlier (including my beliefs and aspirations from life).
    Happy AtoZing!

  13. Will have to wait till ‘R’ to read the next part! That’s a bummer!
    I think personally I wouldn’t be able to separate the two, though I’m not sure. I’m still in the process of discovering myself. And lately, I’ve also changed quite a bit from what I was earlier (including my beliefs and aspirations from life).
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

    1. The next installment will be here soon enough. Time is just flying by this month! 🙂 I think we as human beings are always evolving. Best wishes for your journey of self-discovery.

  14. I really like this Neil Diamond song. I’ve never been a ND fan, per se, but I do like several of his hits.
    Awesome snippet from the She Chronicles! And the thought of a souped up Chevy Nova: now that’s sexy! 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. We have the same feelings about Neil Diamond, Michele. I wouldn’t pay to see him, but he did have some good songs. The Nova was pretty boring – no ‘souping up’ there. What happened inside the car was another story. 😉 Thanks for reading. Sorry this is so late! The A to Z has gotten away from me. 😛

  15. I am going to skip your question, lol. I got dragged to a Neil Diamond concert years ago. I am not a fan, but a business associate had tickets and was looking for someone to talk to in his suite while his wife and her friends acted like 16 year olds. Ugh. Thank goodness we could close the doors, lol.

    1. At least you were in a comfortable suite. 🙂 Like him or not, Neil Diamond has earned his place in music history. Just curious; what type of music do you enjoy, Denise? Maybe we can find some common ground.

  16. Debbie, I enjoyed the snippet from The “She” Chronicles. I had to smile that this gal’s experiences took place in a Chevy Nova. My MIL had a green Nova and DH took me on our first date in it. He borrowed his mother’s car to visit me on the weekends throughout his senior year in high school but the only encounters we had in that car was just innocent necking. lol Good mewsic!

    Thanks for visiting Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Letter “I” for Iris with Curious as a Cathy!

    1. I forgot to address your question. Although we wanted to have sex, we did not. We decided it was best to wait until we were married. I didn’t have to really concern myself with separating the two. It was more about frustrations than anything and how I couldn’t wait until the day we could do more. 🙂

    2. Chevy Novas were popular back then. I remember reading about them not selling well in Spanish-speaking countries, though, because ‘Nova’ translated to ‘No go’. 🙂

    1. It’s not fiction. As the preamble states: It’s a true story, but told in the third person because it is so personal. I needed a way to tell it with some emotional detachment. 🙂

  17. Hi Debbie – early on it’s a difficult choice to make – especially when ‘the rush’ is on … but I love Neil Diamond and his ‘I am, I said’ … he has a wonderful voice … cheers Hilary

  18. Oh I remember that and all the other Neil Diamond songs as well. His voice was pure magic……I don’t think I’d be able to separate sex from emotion. Physical attraction is one thing but actually going all the way has to have a deeper connect…

    1. Neil has had so many hits over the years! 🙂 It would be difficult to separate the two in most cases, but sometimes, sex just for its own sake can be therapeutic. Thanks for commenting.

  19. I remember when there always seemed to be a Neil Diamond song on the charts. I never bought any of his music, but I heard it plenty.

    It used to be difficult for me to separate sex from emotion and in a way there has always been a certain emotional attachment in sex, but in later years sometimes with certain people less than others.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Neil Diamond was a prolific recording artist. Although not a super-fan, I do like many of his songs. In regards to sex and emotion, I suppose it all depends on who the other person is and why you’re with them. Physical attraction should be there, at least. I’ve never been able to understand how hookers can engage with any number of clients, no matter how repulsive. They must have some kind of ‘off’ switch in their brains.