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It’s nice to be back, after a 2 month hiatus!

See what I’ve been up to, following this week’s excerpt from Chapter Five of “Internat Adventures”.

Preamble – Jan., 1969:
We had just returned to school from Christmas break. My room assignment remained the same, but, there would be new people to share it with.

In sauntered Vivian, from Germany, chic in designer duds and shooting me her best “What a dump!” look. A tall, leggy blonde with an aloof manner, I knew her by reputation only, but we did have a personal connection. Her boyfriend was the son of my mother’s school mate. Vivian’s big sister was a famous model and her family came from old money. Intriguing! It would be a challenge to break her icy exterior.

One more to come. I was hoping for Judy, my British “partner in crime” and the sister of Vaughan, whom I was so infatuated with.


She ended up on the floor below, paired with Julie, who was from the U.S. midwest. The “Judy and Julie Show” soon became popular and surpassed our own friendship.

school in winter

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We had a fantastic time in Europe last month!

I’m sharing stories and photos on the blog.

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40th anniversary trip


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22 thoughts on “#8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS, OCT. 27/13

  1. Welcome back!!! What an adventure you’ve had! 🙂

    Wow, did this cause you anxiety? Sorry you lost Judy to Julie. It seems like dorming with girls at that age must have been a weird mixture of fun and difficult. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Is that an actual photo of the school you attended?

    1. Hi Teresa! Yes; coming back has been rather anticlimactic, especially since I got sick for two weeks. 😛
      The roommate situation was definitely disappointing. Vivian was very aloof in the beginning, but we did become friends. Yes, that’s an actual photo of the school grounds, in the dead of winter. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks; it’s nice to be missed. Yes, Vivian was quite a character, but we did become friends, eventually. Europe was great! 😀 Check out the posts on my blog, (link at bottom of this page), if you’re interested in reading about it.

    1. Thanks Cindy; nice to be missed! 🙂 Yes, Vivian was quite a character with lots of attitude. Fortunately, we did eventually become friends.

    1. Thank you, Charmaine. 🙂 Your opinion means a lot! Yes, it was a year of incredible growth for me. Vivian had something in common with Bette Davis, didn’t she? 😀