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This is the ninth instalment of Weekend Writing Warriors’

8 Sentence Sunday Blog Hop

Today’s post is the conclusion, (very short – only 6 sentences), of “Mommy! Make it Stop!”

[The story takes place in the early 1960s and is told by an adult, present-day, (third person) narrator and not the main character child, who is about 7 or 8 years old. She’s a forlorn little girl, forced to grow up too fast, because of her toxic environment.]

Mondays should have brought relief, as she could escape to school. Here was another kind of hell though, thanks to the bullies who taunted and terrorized her. She did have a few friends and Father stayed sober until Friday, which made it all somewhat bearable.

Then came the weekend, once more.

“Mommy! Make it stop”

Mommy didn’t.

Read the entire story HERE.

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28 thoughts on “#8sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; MAR. 31/13

    1. Hi Sara; Thanks for visiting. Life is often sad. Had to look up “Smh” and found out it means “Shaking my head”. Yes, Mommy could have done better. Appreciate your comments.

  1. I really like your word choices here, Debbie. I got bullied in grade school too, though back then it was just “getting picked on” and not taken too seriously — I wonder if kids somehow find out when one of them has a lot of trouble at home and just react by picking on them?

    My only suggestions would be to tweak some punctuation but that’s minor. The ending is strong and ought to spark a lot of emotions in readers. Nice excerpt 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it Marcia. Not sure what punctuation needed fixing, though. I was bullied in school too, but, it had to do with my German heritage and being not that far removed from WWII. 😛 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Again, this touches me in places I haven’t gone to in years. My mother was the drinker in the family and weekends were torture because my dad was home and mom’s drinking made him difficult to be around. All that anger. Then there’s the emotional incest that goes with being an adulct child of an alcoholic, when the sober parent shares his/her negative emotions with the child – who is not equipped to handle it. You got it exactly right.

  3. Wow, deeply emotional, Debbie.
    Yep, agree with Charmaine. The last line is more powerful without “Alas”. 🙂

    You are going to need to write a first-person, happy dog story pretty soon to get a break from how tough this one must be to write. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I agree and did revise the last line. BTW, I do have a WIP called “Adventures in Dogsitting” you might enjoy. Six chapters and counting. Will switch gears next week. 🙂