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Picking up where we left off last week; Chapter Three of my Swiss boarding school memoir, “Internat Adventures”.

(Had to sneak in a couple of extra sentences to finish the paragraph.)

Preamble: Fall, 1968. Schoolmate Angelika had shown us how to gain access to the empty ground floor room with no bars on the window. You can imagine our delight at finding an escape route!

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Angelika had been using this room regularly for “Schwartzausgang”, (literally translated “black leave”, or, going AWOL). Of course, we were nervous about doing this ourselves, but the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to break free!

“We”, being Judy, Marie Luise, (who later became good friends with Angelika and left us on our own), Jennifer and me. Everyone else was too scared of breaking the rules. Then, as now, I believe rules are made to be broken and if somebody says “you mustn’t”, I say “just watch me!”

For our first outing, we stocked up on Apfel Wein (alcoholic apple cider) and headed to the park, where we spent the evening talking, drinking, (through straws; supposed to get you drunk faster), and just acting silly.

Jennifer and Judy did get tipsy, as this was their first experience with alcohol. It had no effect on me or Marie Luise. M.L. loved to party and I was used to sampling my mother’s cocktails at home, (normal in a European household).

We made it back undetected, which naturally gave us the confidence to do it again!

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31 thoughts on “#8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; JUN. 16/13

  1. I like the notion of breaking the rules the way you put it: “just watch me”!
    I also like the ending too, I supposed something even more exciting might come when they do it again.

  2. Love Apfel wine. We had it with our lunch as we bicycled in the Loire Valley. Not as intoxicating as some of the alternatives. A good way for school girls to start.

    1. Something else we have in common, although I never cared for it and it was too mild to have an effect on me. Believe me, I tried! LOL Thanks for visiting and have a great week. 😀

  3. Love the image of them–gathered around, giggly, drinking from straws. It’s funny they thought straws would make you get drunk faster. Ah, rebellion! 🙂

    1. Hi Caitlin 🙂 I think there might actually be something to that theory, but, it never worked for me. LOL Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Lol, this is great. I can just picture the girls sitting around and laughing, daring each other to drink more. Bits like this really lift this piece into a rich, 3D painting instead of a gloomy whine about a sad childhood 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt Marcia. 🙂 “Gloomy whining”? Not sure I’d agree with that assessment. If you sugar-coat a memoir, then it’s not a true account, yes? 😉 Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

  5. Sounds like this first expedition out into the world was fun…I bet your group got even more daring as time went on? Terrific excerpt and I do like the new look of the blog page!

    1. it was so exhilarating to break free, Veronica! 😀 Definitely more to come and glad you like the blog redesign. Thanks for visiting.

  6. The best of times. I’m getting to see two of my childhood besties next weekend and I’m sure we’ll reminisce about a similar night, lol. I hope this doesn’t mean the worst of times are just ahead. Fingers crossed.

    1. So nice of you to say, Evelyn. Thanks very much! There was definite room for improvement with the blog layout; something I’m always tinkering with. Thanks for visiting and have a great week. 🙂

  7. I was just getting into that when the chapter ended, grrrr how naughty of you Debbie 😉 I hope the next chapter is more lengthy or else? 🙂 It’s great to be back visiting and how white your blog looks too, it certainly looks different to the red of before but guess what? I like it 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of weekend Debbie 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    1. Hi Andro. Glad you enjoyed my excerpt. You can follow the links to the entire series, but, I think you already read much of it. As for the colour change, that came about because a couple of people said they had trouble reading the blog with the red background. Wouldn’t do to lose subscribers for the sake of decor, yes? Thanks for visiting and have a great week. 🙂