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Picking up where we left off two weeks ago, after Angelika’s suicide attempt:

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[December 1968]

We went back to bed, but, sleep was elusive. Our own difficulties suddenly seemed so childish and trite.

Angelika came back a few days later, sporting thick bandages on her wrists. She was accompanied by a man known to be in her parents’ employ, who was sent there to take her home. We said our goodbyes, tears flowing. How sad that her parents didn’t care enough to come themselves!

She did not return after the holidays and according to rumour, was committed to a mental institution.


By now, we were all ready to go home and enjoy some Christmas cheer with our families. Little did I know how life at school would change, next semester!

school in winter

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28 thoughts on “#8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS, AUG. 11/13

    1. I hope things turned out well for Angelika too. She was so colourful, yet so disturbed. Her parents didn’t care – sad! 🙁 Thanks for visiting, Carrie-Anne.

  1. Wow, that was a rude awakening for all of you. And yes, how sad that they sent someone. We don’t know the hidden troubles of other people, so best not to judge them. You learned that early in your life.

    I am going to miss your posts while you’re gone!!! But I hope you have a blast! 🙂

    1. Yes, I learned many things at a young age, Teresa and yes, I’m definitely NOT the judgemental type.
      Nice to know I’ll be missed. Thank you 🙂 Chapters for this memoir and other works are on the blog – see “Categories”.
      Have a great week!

  2. Poor Angelika. It makes me sad to think that her parents didn’t care enough to be near her. Maybe they could have made more of a difference in her life if they’d been there in a more visible way. Great excerpt as always, Debbie! 🙂

    1. Angelika’s parents didn’t bother with her at all and I’m sure that was the cause of her torment. 🙁 Glad you enjoyed the snippet, Evelyn. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was a sad situation. Angelika was the epitome of the “poor little rich girl”. I often wonder how her life turned out.

    1. Thanks, Frank! 🙂 Yes, Angelika was the epitome of the “poor little rich girl” and I often wonder what became of her.

    1. Many of them didn’t, sad to say. Too busy with their “jet set” lives. 🙁 I often wonder what became of Angelika. She was the epitome of the “poor little rich girl”. Thanks for visiting Sue Ann.

    1. Yes, Angelika was the epitome of the “poor little rich girl”. Sad! 🙁 I often wonder how her life turned out. Thanks for visiting, Veronica.

  3. The poor girl, I wonder how she’s doing now? Some parents don’t deserve to have children and seem to go through the motions just to secure some kind of future for themselves.

  4. Yeah, that’s impression to last a lifetime. I feel sorry for Angelika, I feel like I know her a little now. I sure am going to miss this story while you’re having tons of fun in Europe!

    1. I often wonder what happened to her, Marcia and hope for the best. Glad you’re enjoying the story; available on the blog any time, under the category “Boarding School Adventures”. I will miss coming here, but, going back home to Europe is SO exciting! 😀 Thanks for visiting.

  5. Oh wow, that’s even more serious than I’d imagined. I hope things turned out better for her. Poor girl.
    On another note, just listening to your greeting message, you have the coolest voice ever. 🙂

    1. Yes; I often wonder what happened to Angelika, but have no way to find out. 🙁 Did try various computer searches, but came up empty.
      Thanks for visiting, Dana and for the compliment too. 🙂

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