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Welcome to another instalment of Weekend Writing Warriors’

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Today’s post is from the first chapter of my 9th grade Swiss boarding school memoir, “Internat Adventures”.

Setting: Sept. 1968, day one. I was “13 going on 30”, independent and rebellious. My mother, (whom I didn’t get along with), had just left.

I sat on the bed for awhile, relishing my anticipated freedom. No one else was in the house yet, so I headed out to explore the beautiful countryside. Not more than five minutes in, there was a loud, demanding voice behind me.

“HELLO!! YOU THERE!!!” I turned and saw a sour-faced, middle-aged woman. “Where do you think you’re going?” she bellowed.

“Just for a walk.”

She literally wagged her finger at me. “No! You can’t do that!”

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31 thoughts on “#8sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; APR. 14/13

  1. Sounds a lot worse than mother. I’ll bet this made you tough. But what a rough way to do it.

  2. ohh man, that had to hurt! And I bet it provoked a fair amount of anger and feeling indignant too–just what a 13-year-old needs! Great setup for a lot of fireworks. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. The door shuts on her again. Good six, Debbie.
    A couple of suggestions: consider leaving out the tags-she said, etc. There are only two people in the scene. And might your heroine age 13 say Going for a walk instead of stroll?

    1. Thank you, Charmaine. Your feedback is always welcome. I’ll have another look at it. Don’t want to use the word “walk” twice in such a short paragraph though. This is a memoir and although the original conversation was in German, I always did have a formal way of speaking, even in English. When I was 6 or 7, someone remarked that I spoke like a “miniature adult” and not a child.

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