#WordlessWednesday: SPRING BREAK

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Happy Wordless Wednesday, everyone!

The Spring Break Crew, March 2013 ©
The Spring Break Crew, March 2013 ©

Thursday Favourite (living) Things: DOGS!


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20 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: SPRING BREAK

  1. Hi Debbie,

    I agree with Corina and when anyone see the photo of puppy crew, it reminds about you being surrounded by wonderful woofies 😉

    They are just adorable and how sweet!


  2. You are so lucky to be surrounded by all those beautiful dogs! I’ve been telling my husband I want to start a rescue shelter. There are so many stray dogs in my neighborhood, it breaks my heart.

    I started carrying around some food with me and when I see a dog I’ll stop and feed him, at least I know they’ll eat at least once.

    I’m sure those dogs give you so much love and joy…never a dull moment at your house huh?

    1. How sad to have all those stray dogs. 🙁 Wonderful that you care so much, Corina. You would be great at running a shelter! True, life is rarely boring around here. LOL Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂

  3. HeyDebbie, Looks like you’ve got a housefull! Just read in the paper that Eric Burton is working on his memoirs ‘Breathless’! Thought you’d like that. Happy Thursday.

    1. Hi Loy; Yup, it was busy! The crowd has thinned out, now that Spring Break is over. 🙂 I saw that Eric Burdon was writing a new memoir, (this will be his third), and yes, I will snap it up, for sure! Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

  4. That is so cute heheh! love the way their all sitting there comfortably, they must be waitung for Scooby-Doo to come on heheh!

    Have a scoobytastic weekend and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I would say, wow that is a huge crew and a lot of chow. They are a wonderful lot!! You are a wonderful steward of animals. Thanks for sharing:) Oh! My Heartsie WW w/Linky

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