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A cautionary tale!

workaholic needs a vacation

Danielle was completely drained and living a workaholic nightmare!

Her underlings had been let go as a “cost cutting measure” and she was the only one left.  That’s too much responsibility for one person.

Welcome to Corporate Hell!

She desperately needed help.  Working 60 hours a week was becoming the norm and her personal life was practically non-existent.  Thankfully, her  husband Mario was understanding and often drove Danielle to the office on the way to his weekly Sunday soccer game.   How pathetic!  The rest of the world is enjoying life and she’s drowning in a sea of paperwork.

Time for a vacation! 

Grabbing her desk calendar, she started riffling through the pages.  Her husband’s employer would be having the yearly maintenance shutdown next month, so that was ideal.  Sadly, they rarely went anywhere, because of her job.  He hung out with his friends and she went to work.  Yup; definitely pathetic.  Time to let loose and get wild!

Leave your cares behind! 

Although she was entitled to four weeks’ vacation, (at least seniority was good for something),  Danielle’s boss vetoed the idea of her taking more than two weeks off in a row.  Said her job was “too important” to be away that long.  Well damn!  It would take two weeks just to “deprogram”, never mind recuperate, but it was better than nothing.

So, the big question was, where should they go?  Mario was not one to express preferences; whatever Danielle liked was fine with him.   This was sometimes a bit frustrating, because she couldn’t help feeling he may actually have wanted something different, but just wouldn’t say.

They both enjoyed spontaneous road trips.  Just pick a direction, map out a few possible stops along the way and get in the car.  She handed him a coin.   Heads for west, tails for east.  West it was!

The last day at work was hectic, but Danielle managed to tidy her desk by the end of it.  She regarded the empty surface ruefully, knowing full well that catching up afterwards would be horrendous.  Didn’t matter anymore; time to get a life!  Big smile on her face as she waved goodbye.

The next morning, Mario loaded up the car as Danielle finished dressing.  They were both eager to hit the road; to experience that sense of freedom.

Getting into the car, she gave his arm a playful squeeze and said:  “Remind me to send my mother a postcard.  She loves to get mail”.

They hit the asphalt; radio tuned to their favourite station.

Ah, this was the life!  

Exploring back roads and unusual places was part of the fun.  No traffic for miles, but suddenly, a large, out of control van came speeding at them and didn’t stop.  The impact of the head-on collision shattered the stillness of the countryside.

wrecked car

There would be no more vacations for Danielle and Mario.

©D.D.B. 2013

Although the characters’ names and the car crash are fictional,
the general circumstances were taken from my life during the late 1980s.

Ironic that the so-called “important job”  was easily eliminated a couple of years later.

On their deathbed, nobody ever regretted not spending more time at the office.

What do you think about this?

carpe diem

This is my entry for the WORDS: WRITE TRIBE CONTEST # 1 

Utilizing the specified words:

postcard, coin, tidy, wild, help, calender, responsibility 

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67 thoughts on “THE VACATION

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  2. Ah yes. ..the priorities that need to be set right. Interesting post,Debbie. Like how you used a combination of fiction and fact to make a factional tale with important take aways.
    Sid recently posted…First StepsMy Profile

  3. Congragulations!!!!! Am atleast glad that they got to die together… iamgine being the one left behind….

  4. HI…that was excellent…yes it is very easy to get engrossed in work…Balance is key.. and most forgotten..wish Danielle got the holiday and had many more in her life…

    All the best.

    1. I think many people, (including me in those days), lose sight of what’s really important in life. The older I get, the more I subscribe to the “life is short, do it now” mantra. Your kids were so lucky, Linda to have a full time Mom at home. Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. 🙂
      Debbie recently posted…MEMORIESMy Profile

  5. What an awful ending! Good luck with the contest. Unfortunately, this is the way of the world, ie., cut positions so that those left have double the work, yet expect higher productivity. I don’t get to travel nearly enough these days. Seeing what happened, maybe that’s a good thing.
    Joyce recently posted…MaxineMy Profile

    1. Hi Joyce; I know it’s a bad end, but I wrote that for shock value, to drive home the point that one never knows what’s going to happen in life, so we should “go for the gusto” before it’s too late. People die every day, but, that shouldn’t deter anyone from doing what they want to do. Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. 🙂
      Debbie recently posted…MEMORIESMy Profile

    1. I did write the ending for shock value, to drive home the point that you never know what might happen in life, so, “go for the gusto” whenever possible. Thanks for visiting Suzy. 🙂
      Debbie recently posted…MEMORIESMy Profile

  6. Hi Debbie

    Although fictional as you say, but it is also very real.

    I am glad they laid me off, the money was tighter because of it and there is no vacations now. But I know the stress of taking any time off, for the issues I would comeback to. Not any fun the last few years I was there. But it is sad how much of ourselves we give away to someone else for them to make a tremendous amount of money.

    Also knowing that one thing can change everything. Like to stay home on the holidays for that reason (being the 4th today).

    Mary Stephenson recently posted…Contemplating The Power of FearMy Profile

    1. Your past situation sounds very similar to mine, Mary The accident and character’s names are fictional, but the rest is an accurate portrayal of my life in the late ’80s. When my job disappeared too, it was somewhat of a relief as I was suffering from severe burnout. “It is sad how much of ourselves we give away to someone else for them to make a tremendous amount of money.” Spot on! Thanks for visiting and Happy 4th of July to you. 🙂
      Debbie recently posted…LIFE BEYOND THE COMPUTERMy Profile