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Eyes wide

Must hide

Which side


petrified eye


Not yet

Fear sweat

All set

.38 special gun barrel

Pin click

Feel sick

Hard kick

Die, prick


Slight gleam

Light beam

I scream

Just a dream

©2015 DDB

woman screaming

Many people experience nightmares and night terrors. What’s the difference between the two?

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Sleep terrors differ from nightmares. The dreamer of a nightmare wakes up from the dream and may remember, but a person who has a sleep terror episode remains asleep.

and further:

During a sleep terror episode, a person might:

Sit up in bed

Scream or shout

Kick and Sweat, breathe heavily and have a racing pulse

Be hard to awaken, but if awakened be confused

Be inconsolable

Stare wide-eyed

Get out of bed and run around the house

Engage in aggressive behavior 

Read more HERE.

Have you ever woken up screaming in the middle of the night?
Did you remember what you were dreaming about? 

Looking forward to your comments!


Pleasant Dreams!

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57 thoughts on “SCREAM – #WordyWednesdays

  1. Times like these, I am grateful I never dream. This had me on the edge my seat, which is good. Sitting up on the edge of the bed with a case of night terrors, not so good.
    Myke Todd recently posted…PeoniesMy Profile

  2. I’m glad I have never had a night terror. It sounds horrible.

    I’ve had nightmares and those equally bad dreams where you are in a weird situation and there is no way out but waking up.

    I dreamt I kung-fu kicked this person who was hassling me. I woke up because even my subconscious knew I couldn’t kung-fu kick.
    ann bennett recently posted…Glamour ShotsMy Profile

    1. It’s amazing the things we can do in our dreams! 🙂 Ever have one of those unpleasant ones, where you supposedly wake up, but it’s actually still part of the dream and something else happens? 😛 I’ve had a few night terrors and they’re extremely frightening. Be glad you’ve been spared from those!
      Debbie D. recently posted…DELPHI: GREEK ODYSSEY PART VMy Profile

  3. Well, this article is a scream,… not really but couldn’t resist. 🙂 I can not read frightening books or see horror movies. If I did, I would wake the whole neighborhood up with my screams. Hubby says I have woken him up with my laughing… I know… like laughing all the way to the little white men in their little white coats.
    By the way, I’m back from our travels… and it’s great to be back! Will be visiting you more often.
    Angelika Schwarz recently posted…Photography and Travel -Part 2 – How to Take your BEST Travel Shots.My Profile

  4. I have had many dreams some really scary some not. Mostly they are never pleasant but I never call them nightmares. They are a part of who I am and I love them like I love myself. Beautiful and unique interpretation. Loved it!
    Sfurti Juztamom recently posted…ScreamMy Profile

  5. I used to have night terrors, when I was just a child. I would have all sorts of monsters chasing after me and my feet would be glued to the floor, and I’d start screaming. My mom would come in and wake me up and I’d be almost okay. As an adult, I don’t know if they’d be classified as night terrors, except for one. Usually, I’d be so involved in the dream that I’d be laughing or screaming, and they come out as muffled sounds that would wake up others, but not me. I can still remember them to this day. There weren’t many, thank goodness. Russ, on the other hand, had so many… If I put my hand on him, he would usually calm down, but he slept so soundly I couldn’t wake him up. Those scared even me.
    Mary Purpari recently posted…“Y” is for Young (and not so Young) Missionaries.My Profile

  6. I don’t ever remember waking up screaming, but sweaty as a pig? Absolutely! Unfortunately, I remember my dreams when I wake up and those types are so easy to kick. 🙂 Love the poem.

  7. Good morning, dear Debbie the Doglady! That was an edgy intro! Mrs. Shady is the one who has all the nightmares and night terrors. In fact, she had a series of bad dreams last night and told me about them a while ago. There was an intense nocturnal episode recently in which she started screaming in her sleep and then punched me in the shoulder. When I shook her awake she told me she dreamed she was defending herself from an attacker and was shocked to learn that she had struck me.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear Debbie!

    1. HI Shady; Sounds like Mrs. Shady was having a rough time, there! Good thing you weren’t seriously hurt in the process. Apparently I’ve struck out in my sleep before too, during a similar episode. This is a subject that intrigues me. I might add a follow up article after doing some more research. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Have a good weekend! 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…DELPHI: GREEK ODYSSEY PART VMy Profile

  8. I’ve had a few terror episodes as you’ve described. Occasionally I might have rather mild night mares. On the whole my dreams are okay, often happy, but frequently confusing. The confusion aspect is usually about as close to a nightmare that I get and that in the form of mild panic that I’m lost or not ready for something.

    I almost always enjoy my dreams even when they deal with scary things. In those cases I almost watch them as though I were watching a movie and I to some degree I am aware that I am dreaming.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin’ with A to Z
    Arlee Bird recently posted…Does Cutting Back on Blog Posting for Summer Hurt? (#!WSG)My Profile