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Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday.

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The objective is to post your own images, based on a prompt provided by the Photo Friday staff.



This one gave me pause, as I gravitate more to the urban and suburban. A deer in a field surely qualifies as rural, yes? We were enchanted by this little fawn spotted in the brush, next to the Thousand Islands Parkway:


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Are you urban, suburban or rural?

Do you see much wildlife where you live? 

Looking forward to your comments!


Battle of the Bands #BOTB Will Return on Dec. 1
Battle of the Bands #BOTB
Will Return on Dec. 1



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24 thoughts on “RURAL – PHOTO FRIDAY

  1. I guess I’d have to say I’m rural. I love seeing wild-life encroaching on civilization; but don’t like to be in the center of all that urban sprawl. Hate the cities, and avoid them. I do like the electronics and convenience of civilization though, lol.

    that is a beautiful picture.
    dolorah recently posted…BotB: DRINKING WOMANMy Profile

  2. Hi, Debbie the Doglady! I think I neglected to inform you that I needed to take a family mandated four day blog break. I’m late but I’m back. Mrs. Shady and I recently traveled to the mountains of Alabama (yes, ‘Bama has mountains). On the way, driving at night on a rural road, we spotted two fawns walking a few feet from the pavement. We whizzed by so fast that I didn’t see the mother. I couldn’t help praying for the tiny creatures to move back into the woods and out of harm’s way.

    Thanks for showing me the pic you snapped, dear friend Debbie. I look forward to attending your band battle today!
    Shady Del Knight recently posted…Where Were You….. and What Were You Doing….. 40 Years Ago Today?My Profile

  3. Oh, wow! I haven’t seen one of these in ages! How lucky you are to have them around… I’m rural, I think… Urban works well for a few days, and suburban I couldn’t survive if I tried (or if someone paid me to try, haha). I love falling asleep to an orchestra of crickets (or, here in Curaçao, of tree frogs), I love the sound of parrots coming in to attack my kenepa tree (kenepa is a kind of fruit, smallish and green on the outside, orange inside, a bit tangy), I love spotting iguanas sunning themselves at the side of the road… There’s not much wildlife here, compared to other ‘rural’ places, but I do enjoy what little there is 🙂 Great photo, Debbie!
    Guilie Castillo recently posted…Driving Licenses: Mexico vs. Curaçao (+ The Metaphor of Prison, c/o @ArleeBird )My Profile

    1. Hi, Guilie; We don’t have them around here either. This photo was taken during our last road trip. I could handle rural for about a week, max. LOL Too used to have everything I need right here in suburbia 😉 Plus, it’s close enough to the big city to go there anytime, but doesn’t have as much grime, noise and crime. Crickets are a soothing sound of summer, here. Haven’t seen any tree frogs, but I think they probably avoid urban areas. How cool to have parrots flying around! Kenepa I’m not familiar with. Google gave me this link if anyone else is curious:
      Thanks for dropping in. Have a good weekend. 🙂
      Debbie D. recently posted…MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS BOOK BLOG TOUR @Guilie73My Profile

  4. We are rural, and even see the deer in our yard every now and then, sad fact though, too. My sons have both been involved in 4 different accidents involving deer. They both drive for a living and at night. Thank goodness they were both safe, the deer sadly were not. We also have a few critters that call our back yard home, rabbits, squirrels, skunks and a ground hog. The skunk, I could live without, he likes spraying his perfume as he walks down to the road to flirt with the ladies. 🙂
    Yolanda Renee recently posted…WARS & BATTLESMy Profile

  5. A beautiful photo. It’s like she’s saying… “Oh my deer/dear ( heh heh ), did you get all my spots?”

    We live in a suburb, that was actually a village about 10 years ago. It’s now bursting at all seams. You name it, they have built it. Now we are suddenly living in a big modern town. That does have its advantages. We still live across a field, where we can see huge rabbits hopping all about.
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