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The continuing saga of my year at a Swiss-German boarding school, aka “Internat”

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Soon, other people started giving me odd looks and my only remaining friends were room mates Mandy and Veronika.

Coming soon in book form:
(Formerly “Internat Adventures”)
Chapter Excerpts and Soundtrack ►►

Even though I already knew he was lost to me, the tears flowed uncontrollably, as I ran around the corner to hide.

This was a horrible turn of events for any 14-year-old to endure!

Coming soon in book form:
(Formerly “Internat Adventures”)
Chapter Excerpts and Soundtrack ►►

roommates only friends
angry and upset

To be continued…………..Coming up: “Calm before the storm”, “Prison Riot”, “The End”

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Coming soon in book form:
(Formerly “Internat Adventures”)
Chapter Excerpts and Soundtrack ►►

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  1. Internat Adventures has become addictive. It would surely be interesting to do a follow-up entitled, ” The Characters….Where Are They Now”. I so look forward to “The Calm Before The Storm” and “Prison Break”, but NOT The End. 🙁

    1. Love the idea of a follow up, but unfortunately, trying to find everyone would be so difficult. Glad you’re liking my memoirs, G. It was only one year, so had to end,eventually. Thanks for reading! 😀

  2. I can’t wait to find out how their lives turned out. I mean if they were that mean as kids can you imagine how they ended up as adults. Like Judy would ever keep any guy in her clutches and Vaughn was probably a loser anyway. You’re much better off although no one should have to go through what you did Debbie! That’s just cruel.


    1. Hi Adrienne;
      I wonder sometimes, what happened to all those people, particularly Angelika, (see previous chapters). Julie was a mean girl, for sure, but you know what? All of those experiences helped me become the person I am now and that whole year was such a unique one.
      Glad I had the chance to expand my horizons, in many ways.
      Thanks so much for keeping up with my posts. 🙂 Cheers!

  3. By reading all that girl intrigue I am glad I went to a “Aufbauschule” in Germany when I was the same age as you in your adventures. There were 24 boys in class and only 6 girls. We didn’t even have time to exchange love looks, we had to learn like crazy, including Latin and English. It was a school to help kids like me who missed a lot of education because of WWII to make up for missed High School years. We learned a pensum of 6 years in 3 years. And I had to use the train to get there. I made home work for school to night hours…. The boys were told by our teacher that ladies have to be treated like ladies. And the girls were not allowed to wear make-up, so the boys did not get toooo excited – you know..the girls were just tolerated in that “Gymnasium” (Boys School).

    1. Yes, girls and women can be such bitches and honestly, I generally prefer the company of men. I can relate to being a female among mostly men too. For almost 20 years, I worked in the manufacturing sector, where 80% of the workforce was male. Always got along great with them. The other women were jealous and ready to stab you in the back at any moment.:-p
      Sounds like you had to work very hard in school to catch up, Karin. You’re smart, so I’m sure you did very well. 😀
      Thanks for spending so much time visiting my blog! ♥

      1. It seems to be a Scorpio thing, when I do something I do it completely or not yet. I put my mind to everything I do. When I listen to music I relax, sort of meditate, to soak the melody in…….It was my pleasure to read your blog!!

  4. Sometimes people are just too trusting in gossip
    and then they lose out big time as a result… I am
    now wondering what happens next 🙂 🙂

    I like how you are attaching pictures to this one 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Personally, I HATE gossip and this is probably why. LOL Glad you like it. Thanks for reading, Andro. Should be one more chapter, (unless I get long-winded or remember some more stuff 😉 )

  5. Life can be such a challenge at age 14……such a mix of characters. Ok…..awaiting Chapter 7 impatiently!

    1. Hi G and thanks for reading. Yes, it was a real rollercoaster existance. Chapter 7 will be the last. I didn’t think it warranted more than 3 or 4, but, the story pretty much wrote itself. Yeah; I can remember lots of things from my younger days, but ask me what happened last week and I draw a blank. LOL sure sign of getting old. 😉

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