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Hard to believe it’s August already! Where did the summer go?
Time for another edition of Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands, #BOTB BLUES DELUXE

BATTLE OF THE BANDS (BOTB), hosted by StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands. is where you listen to different recordings of the same song and vote for the one you like best. Two “Battles” per month, on the 1st and 15th. Votes will be tallied and posted the following week. (See below for further details.)


I’m taking a calculated risk by using the original artist in this battle.
In my opinion, the opponent is good enough to make it an interesting showdown.

♫ British blues/rock band VS American blues/rock guitar prodigy ♫


The Jeff Beck Group (first incarnation; there were two) formed in London in early 1967 and included guitarist Jeff Beck, vocalist Rod Stewart, guitarist Ronnie Wood, and a changing roster of bass players and drummers. “Blues Deluxe” was written by Beck and Stewart under the pseudonym, “Jeffrey Rod” and included on their debut album, “Truth”, released in 1968.



Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues/rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. When he was only 12 years old, Bonamassa opened for B.B. King. In the last 13 years he has put out 15 solo albums through his independent record label J&R Adventures, of which 11 have reached #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts. “Blues Deluxe” is included in his third album of the same name, released in 2003.


Please state your preference in comments below and why you chose it.

Voting remains open until Aug. 8th
after which I will count the votes, add mine and publish the results.

Hubby and I are road-tripping in Michigan this week, but I’ll do my best to keep up.

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  1. This is a tough one because I love both versions.

    I am a big fan of Bonamassa, who is incredibly prolific (since 2000 he’s released 13 studio albums, 13 live albums with another one dropping next month, three albums collaborating with Beth Hart, another album collaborating with Mahalia Barnes and if all that weren’t enough, 12 DVD’s! Joe is certainly a man who has figured out a way to navigate the current music industry.

    However, the Beck version had a thirty plus year head start, and since I like both equally, and cannot come up with a compelling differentiation on the Joe B cover, I’m going to vote for the Jeff Beck version.


    1. Hi, Larry; Nice to see another bonafide Bonamassa fan. 🙂 His collaborations with Beth Hart are fabulous, along with the rest of his material. I’m having the same dilemma and can’t decide who to choose. The Jeff Beck version is the original, so that’s a good way to go. Thanks for playing!

  2. Put me down for Joe Bonamassa on this one. Smooth, polished, professional. His rendition was quite enjoyable. The Jeff Beck ensemble had some fun with the tune, as did their audience, but I will go with the version by Joe today.

  3. Okay my dear. I hope you are having a nice time in Michigan. BOTB – listened to both songs. I had problems with the version by Joe Bonamassa. My usual GEMA problem but I found an intro of him on this song in YouTube that was not blocked by the GEMA. Yeah!!!
    So here’s my vote. Joe Bonamassa is for me the best. The man reminds me so much of King BB. Didn’t know that until I really sat down to hear him play.
    Shalom aleichem,

    1. Sorry Pat, I keep forgetting to check if these videos are available in Germany (there’s a website for that). Glad you found an alternate! I’m not surprised Joe B. reminds you of B.B. King. He was B.B.’s protegé and opened for him at the age of 12. Your vote for Joe is duly noted. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Nice song choice, DEBBIE.
    I love the Blues (2nd favorite musical genre after Jazz) and as a teenager, I owned that Jeff Beck ‘Truth’ LP.

    Beck was a great guitarist — way better than some of his better known countrymen like Page and Clapton — and although I’ve never been a Rod Stewart fan, I liked him best singing the Blues with Beck.

    Bonamassa is technically a great guitarist. (How could he not be? Wasn’t he tutored by Danny Gatton, the greatest guitarist of all time?) But the “TRUTH” (pun intended) of the matter is that neither of these artists (as technically proficient as they were) really “KNEW” the Blues. And I should know because I grew up as a “Blues Collar” guy. I lived it and I recognize it when I hear it.

    But I really love the Blues genre generally and I thought both of these recordings were pretty good. Without a doubt though, the Beck / Stewart version is more authentic and just plain better. (In my humble, Blues-drenched opinion.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  5. Oh, wow! Debbie, this was a treat! Both versions are excellent, and I had a real tough time choosing. In the end, I’m going with Bonamassa… Somehow that one seemed to bypass the brain and went right to my gut 🙂 GREAT battle!

  6. Oh wow this is tough but I will go with Jeff Beck because I love the whole entourage from the great musical playing to Rod Stewart’s voice. Bin amass is brilliant with the guitar but it didn’t have it all and that’s what I wanted.

  7. Where have I been? I did not know that Rod Stewart used to play with Jeff Beck! Had no idea so this was a neat bit of education.
    Excellent battle here Debbie! It’s close but I’m giving my vote to Bonamassa. I loved the Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart version but Joe Bonamassa blew me away. I “felt” his version so much more.

    Great song choice! And thanks for turning me on to Bonamassa!

    Hope you’re having fun on your road trip. Be safe out there!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele; Rod started out with Long John Baldry, then went with Jeff Beck, then The Small Faces, which became The Faces and the rest is history. 🙂 Your vote for Joe is duly noted. He was a child prodigy and continues to make many recordings. Some of his collaborations, like those with Beth Hart, are genius too!

      We had a good time in Michigan, but now it’s back to reality. 😛

  8. Close, close, so very close, but I have to give it to Jeff Beck this time! Great pairing for this battle, by the way.

    I haven’t seen Bonamassa OR Beck used as much as you would expect. They certainly both have prolific careers and a crazy amount of talent (on a side note, I’m pretty fond of ole’ Rod, too…why do we like his voice?).

    Thanks and have a great week!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the battle, Cherdo. 🙂 Like you, I’m a fan of everyone involved. That’s another vote for Jeff Beck (and Rod, of course). Thanks!

  9. Feeling a bit of ‘odd man out’ here.. because I thought that Joe B sounded much better than Rod Stewart. I also like his arrangement just a little bit better. So, I’m casting my vote for Joe Bonamassa.

  10. Hey Debbie, DH listened to both. He recognized Joe B and said, he’s one of the greatest guitarists off all time. Anywho, it was an easy pick for us after hearing these songs. We both decided we like Joe B the best, so give my vote to him and if you want give him another count from DH, if you want. 😀

    1. Hi, Cathy; I agree with your DH about Joe; incredible guitarist! Then again, Jeff Beck is no slouch either. 🙂 Thanks for your votes. That’s two for Joe Bonamassa.

  11. I must say I had not ever heard Rod Stewart sing the blues! Joe has the perfect voice for it too, but I’m voting for Jeff Beck – I am totally amazed! Enjoy the roadtrip 🙂

  12. Generally speaking, blues is not a favorite genre of mine–I guess it’s more of a mood thing for me. I don’t remember this song, but it has that trad sound. I like the crisp style that Joe’s playing has, but I don’t care for the vocals as much as Rod’s singing (shouting).

    My vote on this pairing goes to the Jeff Beck Group.


  13. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

    I love British and American blues rock and, you’re right, these are two closely matched contestants, at least according to my humble ears. This battle pits Joe B, an artist I never heard of, against Jeff Beck’s famous band. Joe’s version was recorded in the new millennium in the studio and Beck’s was waxed live in the 60s. Joe’s soulful gravel voice is perfect for singing the blues and his guitar virtuosity cannot be denied. However, his studio performance didn’t excite me as much, didn’t have as much raw kinetic energy as the live jam by the Jeff Beck Group. Rod’s voice gets me every time and it was 7 minutes in heaven as he shouted the “Blues Deluxe.” I also appreciated the relatively loose structure with ample vocal and guitar ad libs. The piano solo and the solo guitar workout were also great. The Jeff Beck Group gave a rough, rowdy and spontaneous performance while Joe’s studio session seemed more calculated.

    Jeff Beck Group gets my vote!

    1. I’m glad to have introduced you to Joe Bonamassa, Shady. He’s an incredible blues guitarist who has recorded many albums, both solo and also in collaboration with other artists, like Beth Hart (some of his best work, IMO). Rod’s voice gets me, too, so I understand completely. Not to mention, Jeff Beck’s guitar chops. No slouch, he! 🙂 Another vote for “Jeffrey Rod”. Thanks!

  14. Oh gosh! This is MY music!! The piano! I listen to blues when doing my housework… this must be the reason why I never get done. I can’t decide .. help …. But I tend to Jeff Beck Group…. Just because Bonamassa gets too electronic for my taste.