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Dear Friends;

I’m temporarily stepping away from this website,  to get a few other things organized.

(Comments will still be answered as time permits.)

Thank you all for your interest and support.

I shall return to entertain you again.

In the meantime, you might enjoy these.  Click on images to bring up the archives.

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Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada, known as “The Doglady”. Writer/website owner, photographer, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature and cinema buff. Eternal “hippie/rockchick”. Binational, German/Canadian and multilingual. Looking for the next adventure!

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    1. Nice to see you, Lee! 🙂 I’m taking some time off to work on my memoir and also re-evaluate my roll in the Blogosphere. It’s become all-consuming lately and I needed a little breather, is all. Plus, it’s time to get out more and smell the proverbial roses. Cheers!

  1. I’ve been on a break too but you know why. I hope you are enjoying your time away Debbie. I did stop by to see what was new with you here on your blog. Hugs my friend, Mike 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kathy. 🙂 Finding it hard to stay away, but I need to buckle down and work on this memoir. I just read your latest story and all I can say is – WOW! Keep up the great writing!

  2. Debbie, it’s best to admit you need the time for another project. I’m just taking an unofficial break (it seems) and feel guilty about it all the time. I have a friend who just self-published two books. I’d be happy to put you in touch with her if you think it would help. She’s US based though.

    1. Hi Suzanne; Yes, I’ve noticed you haven’t posted anything new. Everyone needs a break now and then; no reason to feel guilty. In my research, I discovered differences between Canada and the U.S. in regards to self-publishing, but I’ll keep your offer in mind. Thanks and have a good week.

    1. Hi G.B. 🙂 I will still try to answer comments, as you can see. My mission is to learn how to self-publish and then do it! Yeah; I sure hope it does work out. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Looks like we both needed an hiatus from blogging at the same time. When my grandkids were small, I made them Halloween costumes. Well, I’m still making costumes. Each time I get a photo from a mom showing off her little Prince Charming, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling and keep going. When the costume/Halloween season ends, I’ll be back blogging too. See you on facebook, dear friend.

    1. You’re making costumes and I’m schooling myself in self-publishing, Neva. 🙂 That sounds like a fun enterprise and I wish you much success. Facebook will keep us connected.

    1. Thank you, Harleena. 🙂 I’m still going to be using Facebook on a personal level. Just needed to take a breather and regroup with the rest of it. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Corina! 🙂 That’s the trouble with blogging, though. You have to keep at it, all the time! 😛 Do I sound a little weary? LOL
      I promise to return inspired. My personal Facebook account will remain active, so I can still see my friends. Have a good weekend.