#AtoZChallenge: P is for PEDANTIC

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#AtoZChallenge, Day 16: P is for PEDANTIC, The Doglady's Den
Day 16, April 18



of or like a pedant.
“many of the essays are long, dense, and too pedantic to hold great appeal”

synonyms: overscrupulous, scrupulous, precise,
exact, perfectionist, punctilious, meticulous,

fussy, fastidious, finicky; dogmatic, purist, literalist, literalistic, formalist; casuistic,
casuistical, sophistic, sophistical; captious, hair-splitting, quibbling, finicky, persnickety

Unfortunately, this has been a life-long curse, passed down from my mother (who was even worse!) and probably her mother and beyond. 😛 If left unchecked, I can drive myself and everyone around me, (hubby in particular), bonkers. Fortunately, some of this silliness has relaxed with age, but certain things still drive me nuts. Items must be perfectly centred, pictures must hang perfectly straight, clothes must be perfectly matched, etc. When it comes to writing, that must be perfect too, which is why it takes me forever to finish anything.

Some of this is absurd, but, I’ve actually done a couple! Can you relate?

PEDANTIC derives from pedant – Middle French pédantesque, from Italian pedante

Any perfectionists out there? Do tell!

Looking forward to your comments!


P.S. I just saw this, from the Urban Dictionary and yeah; I guess it really is that bad!
(Note that I also used “mellifluous”) LMAO!

Ostentatious regarding one’s intelligence. Using this word also makes you this word.
Bob: I find the professor’s voice mellifluous and her logic trenchant, even if a bit pedantic.
Jim: I find YOU a bit pedantic.
Shout out and BIG THANK YOU to Arlee Bird, founder of the A to Z Challenge,
for tagging The Doglady’s Den on his blog, Tossing it Out, today. 

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Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada, known as “The Doglady”. Writer/website owner, photographer, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature and cinema buff. Eternal “hippie/rockchick”. Binational, German/Canadian and multilingual. Looking for the next adventure!

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34 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: P is for PEDANTIC

  1. Life is too short to try so hard to make things perfect, no one is perfect, no one can be perfect. I like order, but I do not try to make things perfect. About the only thing that needs to be perfect in life really is math. One’s bank accounts are either balanced or not, there really isn’t an inbetween. Houses, work, weather, people etc. nothing I can of is perfect. I had never heard that word before, it’s always nice to learn new things.
    Sandy recently posted…Policing the HomelessMy Profile

  2. Ah, I know perfectionism well! My father is a die-hard perfectionist and I used to be. I say used to be because I’ve totally relaxed over the years. Everything had to be in its proper place and if something was slightly askew, I would notice it right away. I remember one night I had two friends over. I went to the bathroom and apparently one of my guests accidentally moved the coffee table/tree stump with her foot and it literally moved less than an inch. When I came back in the room, I noticed right away and straightened it. They both cracked up laughing and Kathie was yelling, “I told you! I told you she would notice!” I said “What??” and she explained that when the coffee table had moved, Kathie bet the other girl that I would notice that slight little change. She knows me well! I’m not near as perfectionist as I used to be…and my life is so much less stressful because of it! I think when I got dogs is when I started relaxing. Before dogs, my house was always in perfect order, I cleaned top to bottom, it was absolutely spotless, always. Now it’s just not that important that I dust every single nook and cranny. Girl, we are definitely sisters from different mothers! We absolutely have to meet one of these days… 🙂 XOXO
    Michele Truhlik recently posted…P is for Percy Sledge, Peter Frampton, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Pure Prairie League, Paul McCartney, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Police, The Pretenders, Procol Harum, Prince, Paul Simon, Pat Benatar, Patti Smith, Patti Labelle, Peaches & Herb, Poison and Pink Floyd!!! Wowsa!My Profile

    1. Hilarious, Michele! 😀 I would have definitely noticed the table out of place (made from a tree stump? That’s so cool!), and put it back too. My standards have also relaxed over time and I figure if it looks okay on the surface, then it’s good enough (like the Knick-Knacks and the feather duster). That said, things still have to be centered, straight, etc. LOL And I will clean for service people. For instance, if the stove needs fixing, you can bet I’ll be pulling that sucker away from the wall and cleaning behind it before they arrive! 😛 Yes, the more I get to know you, the more I realize how much alike we are. Awesome! 😀
      Debbie D. recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: Q is for QUAGMIREMy Profile

  3. Yes, well… Pedantic I am not, except perhaps in my writing. If perchance I should discover – after posting a comment or article – that my fingers have typed out something different from what my brain has told them to type, I click on edit and fix it up. If I can’t edit, I immediately type a new comment with the correction. I’ve been trying to teach Word that its grammar isn’t always right, but Word is VERY pedantic and won’t listen to logical reasoning. But, strangely enough, it does accept fuggheddaboudit as a real word…
    Mary Purpari recently posted…“N” is for the Ninth Article of FaithMy Profile

  4. I’ve always loved that word pedantic. Good one, Debbie. I always thought it meant more of being a know it all and trying to impress others with your great knowledge. Interesting to find out its real meaning. You have enlightened me. No pedantic genes in my body. Quite the opposite.
    Cat Graham recently posted…O is for OatmealMy Profile