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Day 12: April 14

In June of 1969, while living in Germany, my father and I visited London, England for a week.  A great experience, combining  the elements of history with the “mod” era of Carnaby St., Mary Quant, Twiggy, George Best.  The Beatles were still together then and I was so disappointed we didn’t run into them!   😉    Unfortunately, photos were lost over the years, so this post will lack a particular personal touch, but I hope it’s still interesting, based on my recollections.

london england
London, England
[Wiki Commons]

This tourist video will give you a little taste of London:

My favourite attractions included the Tower of London, which had the Crown Jewels on display.  Mind-boggling ostentation!  Apart from that, I’m a real history buff and was soaking it all in.  It dates back to the Norman conquest of England and was used as a prison from 1100 to 1952.

Tower of London
Tower of London
[Photo Credit]

Nearby is the world famous Tower Bridge; even more spectacular in person!  Construction began in April, 1886 and took eight years to complete.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
[Photo Credit]

Another fascinating historical site (on the UNESCO World Heritage list), is Westminster Abbey, a large Gothic church, whose construction began in 1245, as ordered by King Henry III.  Most Royal weddings have taken place there (but not Charles’ and Diana’s). Over the course of history, it became one of Britain’s most significant honours to be buried or commemorated in the Abbey.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is another attraction one could spend hours exploring!  The likenesses of the wax figurines to their human counterparts are spot on.  Particularly fun for me were the battle scenes, complete with sound effects, sparks and smoke.  The Planetarium is worth a visit, as well.

madame tussauds and planetarium
Wax Museum and Planetarium
[Photo Credit]

After all that sightseeing, you’re bound to be hungry, yes?  How about a Hamburger at Wimpy?

wimpy logo

Have you ever been or would you like to go to London?

Looking forward to your comments!

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36 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: “L” is for LONDON

  1. UK is the only place I visited outside India. And the whole country is seeped in history. And London is just amazing. I used to walk the whole day to see the historic places of London. And you are right, the Tower Bridge is so much more beautiful than its pictures. Its stunning.

  2. Hey Debbie,

    Day 26, bravo my friend and looks like you’re going strong.

    I’ve never visited London or the UK for that matter. It’s not on my list of places I want to visit but I wouldn’t complain if I ended up going there for some reason.

    I’ve never been a history buff. Mom was laughing at me actually this past Sunday as we toured Bishop’s Palace in Galveston. I hadn’t been in probably a good 35 years but I was always the kid who went in, ran through it all and was sitting at the end waiting on everyone to hurry the heck up. The structure is cool looking but I didn’t care anything about the history. I care more now of course, it’s interesting.

    Adrienne recently posted…The Perfect Posting Schedule RevealedMy Profile

  3. I loved London–I was there for a month in ’79 on an extremely limited budget, but there was so much to see I didn’t care! I even got to see Madame Butterfly for 99 pence and Carmen 2 pounds. Wonderful (in Piccadilly circus). I left the day of the Scotland/England soccer match. WHOA! Thanks–I also wish I had my photos from there. Oh! The best photo I had was of me standing next to a member of the Scottish Guard at the Palace–he had a grin that went from one ear to the other–it’s in Italy somewhere, now. heeheehee
    Mary Purpari recently posted…“K” is for Krazy Little KittyMy Profile

  4. Yeah, I finally got to your REAL blogsite; I think WordPress is going to finally cooperate with me (but I’m not saying that too loud because then you know what happens). You covered a lot of territory for only one week. I chuckled at your “mod” references – part of me wants to forget those years and part of me goes ahhhhh weren’t they good years? Too funny – I can’t imagine being a Brit during those years where so many of the trends and music originated. I thought we were pretty groovy just to be importing all that “cool”. Hope you’re doing well.
    Sammy D recently posted…L is for La LunaMy Profile

    1. Hi Sammy; Welcome back! 🙂 I don”t know why WordPress still has the old site hanging around but, good to know it’s resolved now. I loved that point in time and 1969 was a pivotal year for me, in all respects. Definitely groovy! 😀 Starting to run out of gas a bit with this daily blogging challenge and haven’t written Q-Z posts yet! :O How are you doing?
      Debbie recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: “M” is for MYCENAEMy Profile

  5. London really is one of the greatest cities of the world, isn’t it? I was lucky enough to take a trip there in 2009 to meet email friends. I stayed in a hostel near St. Paul’s Cathedral, the cathedral from Mary Poppins and “Feed the Birds”. So magical listening to it chime. The room, not so much magical but the price was right! I also went to Devon and Manchester but could have easily spent all my time in London with so much to see and do there. Another time! Sounds like you enjoyed your time there! Pity you didn’t get to see the Beatles!
    Cathy recently posted…L is for Legendary Leftover LoupMy Profile