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Day 8: April 9


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I was born in Soest, a beautiful, historic town in Germany.  

For the first 14 years, we alternated back and forth between Germany and Canada.  My father was in the Canadian military and my mother came from Bochum (between Dortmund and Essen), an hour’s drive away.  We moved to Canada for good in 1969 but went back to visit in 1972.  That was the last time I saw Soest, until Sept. 2013.  It had always been my desire to go back someday, but I thought that day would never come.

When we started planning our anniversary trip to Italy and Greece, it got me thinking. Why couldn’t we fly up to Germany for a few days as well?  The more I thought about, the more excited I became!  After all, it was only a two hour flight from Rome.  Could we find the time?  Yes!

We flew into Düsseldorf, then rented a car.  This was another “pinch me” moment!  Was I really back home, 41 years later?

Soest looked exactly as I remembered it and they’ve done a wonderful job preserving the old buildings. The medieval and Roman walls are still there – Soest is that old –  and I was beside myself with joy! Hubby loved it too and it was such fun showing him around!

I made a video of our photos, added some snazzy effects and set it to music.  Enjoy!

Read more of the story HERE.

Do you still live in the area of your birthplace or have  you moved away?  
If it’s far, were you able to return for a visit?  Did it change much?

Looking forward to your comments!

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42 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: “H” is for HOME TOWN

  1. You CAN go home again! What a nice part of your sojourn to return to Soest. I enjoyed your video (not having visited any part of Germany yet), and had the same felling I always do about Europe. The building are so solid, the walkways so enchanting, the rivers gently flowing and it’s all so steeped in ancient history. Lovely!
    Sammy D recently posted…H is for HandkerchiefMy Profile

    1. Niagara Falls?! Cool! Check out my “N” post. It’s a 45 minute drive from my house. 🙂 I love the Falls too, but don’t get over the border that often, anymore. In the old days, we used to go to Pete’s Market Steak House on the U.S. side. What they lacked in decor, they made up for with great and cheap food. Wonder if it’s still there…..
      Glad you liked my hometown as well. Cheers!
      Debbie recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: “G” is for GREEK GOLDMy Profile

  2. Great pictures there Debbie! How exciting it must have been to back home after all that time. When I lived in the US, for many years I used to come back to India every year. And the years I couldn’t I always felt something was missing deep inside 🙂
    A good post, Debbie!
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…H is for History, HeritageMy Profile

  3. What a nice thing for you to get to do. I haven’t been back to the place I lived in right after birth since, well, 2007 when my Grandmother died. But we really didn’t get to see much. Where I grew up? Not since 1980. I’m glad you got to go. 🙂
    Mary Purpari recently posted…“H” is for Helping HandsMy Profile