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I had the opportunity to return to my birthplace in Germany last fall.  It’s an ancient town, dating back to Roman times and still has medieval walls surrounding it.  Best of all, the old buildings have been wonderfully preserved.  Such amazing architecture!

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town hall

Town Hall; excellent example of Baroque architecture

Brock Gothic Architecture

Old Mill (now the tourist office)
Brick Gothic Architecture

house of bells

House of Bells, something altogether different. Not sure what category this would fall under.

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  4. the architecture looks lovely. Loved the second one the most.
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Waverly Cemetery, SydneyMy Profile

  5. So beautiful! Some day I’ll see it for myself. It’s on both The Man’s and my bucket list. Really enjoyed your photos!
    Ava Quinn recently posted…Okay…My Profile

  6. The Town Hall was my favourite. You know one of the reasons I love Adelaide is because it still has a lot of the old buildings still standing. Alas over time they seem to be coming down and I find that to be a tragedy. They just have so much more character than some of those new fan dangle buildings.
    Peter recently posted…Update on One Click Video RankerMy Profile

  7. Some great shots there! And beautiful architecture. Thank for sharing these, Debbie
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…12 Most…My Profile

  8. Lovely pics, Debbie! I love old buildings!!
    Shalini recently posted…Chettinad Tomato RasamMy Profile

  9. Mike

    As you know I just MELT anytime you mention anything about Germany, Debbie! The architecture of the houses and buildings of “old” Europe always fascinate me and this put a big smile on my face! Thank you 🙂
    Mike recently posted…The Sasquatch Tavern And Grill in Verdi, NevadaMy Profile

  10. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I would love to live in small, quaint town like this. The city so busy and too fast-paced for me. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…The Key Ingredients to Looking FabulousMy Profile

  11. Amazing architecture indeed! The place has a majestic look to it!
    Swathi Shenoy recently posted…Private India – Book ReviewMy Profile

  12. Gorgeous architecture, Debbie! I need to visit Germany!
    Laurel Regan recently posted…Photo Friday: ArchitectureMy Profile

  13. How I wish I could have gone to Germany while my dad was still alive. I would have loved to have seen and touched my heritage. Thank you for these wonderful pictures as I imagined what that would have been like to be there with him.
    Carol Graham recently posted…What Would Spiderman Have Done?My Profile

  14. Such beautiful buildings! I really love the old mill!
    Freda Mans recently posted…ArchitectureMy Profile

  15. Amazing architectures. The pics just blew my mind:)

  16. I love the second building best. What a beautiful place. It looks right out of a story book! ♥
    Kathy Combs ( recently posted…Bones HaikuMy Profile

  17. PhenoMenon

    Classic ! Have always been attracted to architecture especially old ones

  18. Stunning architecture! I love love love old architecture. Thanks for sharing Debbie
    Michele Truhlik recently posted…I Double-Featured it today!My Profile

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