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Today I’m posting an excerpt from a new short story, “The Visitation”. 
Have you ever had a memory that haunted you for life?…

Afraid to look at the car, yet consumed by a morbid curiosity, her eyes swept over the smashed body and peered inside.   Bloodied glass everywhere.  His blood!  The news broke that very day.   After lingering in hospital for several hours, he succumbed to his injuries.  A night of drunken carousing and life was over at age 21. How fortunate for her they had parted ways the month before. She could well have been a passenger in that vehicle of death!  Ironically, she was just learning to drive.  It affected her state mind and fuelled a burning need to see the wreckage.


wrecked car
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23 thoughts on “#8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS, MAR. 2/14

  1. Definitely a gruesome sight – I think her relief at not being in the car may be lessened a great deal by memory of the sight and bad dreams. Certainly calls back memories of car accidents to everyone’s memories. Nicely done 8.
    Susan Stuckey recently posted…03/02/2014 – WeWriWaMy Profile

  2. The first three sentences do a fantastic job of dropping the reader into deep third. You put us (readers) into her head. I’m not sure I’d pull back so quickly– by using “She had heard” in the fourth sentence. I don’t know about other readers, but I was enjoying the deep immersion. I think you might have a tiny verb tense shift in “ends”.

    I really like how you’ve started this! Please keep writing it! 🙂 Good 8!