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Continuing with Chapter Five  of  my Swiss boarding school memoir.

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Preamble – Second semester, Jan. – Apr., 1969:  My friend Judy had a new roommate…

Gradually, as winter turned to spring, I noticed that both Judy and her brother had become more distant.   This was disturbing, given our previous closeness.  Julie, the new roommate was always scowling at me and  whispering in Judy’s ear when I was around.  During outings and field trips, I found myself with Vivian, Jennifer and others more and more, because Judy, Serge, Julie and Vaughan had formed their own little clique.

Our house had a huge communal bathroom on the ground floor, (not exactly luxurious accommodations), and I was alone in there one night, shaving my legs.  Suddenly, the  strains of  ”Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones could be heard from outside.  I opened the window and there stood  a tall blonde apparition, holding a portable radio.  It was Rolf, Marie Luise’s boyfriend, with a couple of cronies.  Much to my delight, Vaughan was one of them.


Marie Luise showed up then and we all had a nice visit, through the bars.   Those constricting bars!  Sigh….

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24 Responses to #8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS, JAN. 26/14

  1. Sue Neal

    A great read, Debbie, and I enjoyed the song – haven’t heard it for a while. Fun to be reminded, too, how intense feelings and relationships can be at that age.
    Sue Neal recently posted…How Writing Will Help You Keep That New Year ResolutionMy Profile

  2. Becca

    Gotta feel bad for teens. Especially when there are appreciations.

  3. Things happen so quickly when you’re that age.
    Sue Ann Bowling recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors: Tourist TrapMy Profile

  4. Teenagers are so strange…friends one minute, strangers the next, or worse…you can’t stand each other. And just about every person on the planet has gone through these emotions.
    Millie Burns recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors! It was…magicMy Profile

  5. Chip

    “I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.”

    Great song.
    Nice 8.

  6. Aww, too bad about Judy and her brother; even though that does happen (even among adults!) you can’t help feeling the loss. I bet it helped just a little that Vaughan showed up! Great read, as always.

  7. Personality dynamics among teens…a mystery for sure. 🙂 I’m enjoying your memories, Debbie. 🙂

  8. Winter turned to spring <-what a nice thought 🙂 The cliques, ugh, I hated them. Wish everyone could have gotten along. Love the memory set to music. That's fabulous.
    S.J. Maylee recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors – Don’t Lie to MeMy Profile

  9. Di you ever figure out why the sudden shift in the other group? Or was it typical teenage today we like you tomorrow we don’t stuff? Great reading Debbie!
    Cindy Amrhein recently posted…Bread and Butter Murders 04My Profile

  10. Always hard when the cliques form…the midnight conversation sounded like fun though!
    Veronica Scott recently posted…The Dance Begins DANCER OF THE NILE Weekend Writing WarriorsMy Profile

  11. Lots of teen angst going on here. Without bars on the windows, who knows what might happen. Love your story, Debbie.
    Author Charmaine Gordon recently posted…1/26/14 WEWRIWAMy Profile

  12. I’m not sure getting near Vaughan is a good idea.
    Linda Hamonou recently posted…007/365 GigiMy Profile

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