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Welcome to another instalment of Weekend Writing Warriors’

8 Sentence Sunday Blog Hop

Today’s post is a continuation from last week’s snippet, Chapter One of “Internat Adventures”, my Swiss boarding school memoir.

Setting: Sept. 1968, day one. I was “13 going on 30”, independent and rebellious. Left on my own after moving in, I went for a walk, only to be stopped by a stern-faced matron who said that wasn’t allowed.

Astonished, I blurted: “Why not? The countryside is so beautiful and I just wanted to look around.”

“Young lady”, she admonished, “you are not allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone. I will escort you back to your dormitory.”

My heart just sank! What had I gotten myself into here? She was like the bloody Gestapo!

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31 thoughts on “#8sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; APR. 21/13

  1. You have all the background to make this really realistic. You have also painted the picture of the teenager well and given her a spirit to be envied.

    1. I was upset, Elaine and given my German background, (my mother was thrown in jail by the Gestapo), that’s the first description that came to mind. 🙂 Glad you liked it!

  2. Not allowed to go *anywhere*?? I notice “Gestapo lady” didn’t offer to show the new kid around, but instead slammed the cell bars shut! It sure seems to be starting out badly for the young you. Interested to see where things go from here 🙂