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Changing things up this week.

Poetry’s not really my strong suit, but I get the urge, every once in awhile.

Here’s a short poem I wrote a few months ago:


She was grinning like a Cheshire cat

Feeling gorgeous and wicked

and wishing that

It would never end


This was madness, of course, and too decadent

Lived only for the next interlude

Her feelings, so eloquent

It was bound to end


Flames that burn too brightly are not easy to sustain

The Magic Man was losing interest

and she was in so much pain

It was going to end


She tried a few last-ditch desperation ploys

 This only served to make things worse

And now, there would be no more joys

This was the end


Every woman should have a Magic Man in her life, at least once and for however briefly!

Thanks for dropping by.  

Comments and helpful critiques always welcome.


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The “Doglady”. Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada. Writer/blogger, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature & cinema buff. Eternal hippie/rockchick. Bi-national, German/Canadian and multilingual. Loves all things Italian, especially hubby. ♥ Married since 1973!




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34 Responses to #8Sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; JUL. 14/13

  1. Deb E

    Hey Debbie,
    I suck at poetry – writing and interpreting – but I like that this one isn’t lost in overly convoluted language! Mmmm, Magic Men, don’t we love them, and wish they loved us back…
    Deb E recently posted…Going Local, Going RealMy Profile

    • It’s not my strong suit either, but, still fun to write. :-) My poems are all pretty simplistic and straightforward. The magic is the euphoria in the beginning. Yes, too bad it doesn’t last. :-P Thanks for visiting Deb. :-)
      Debbie recently posted…HOT! HOT! HOT!My Profile

  2. I’m really bad at poetry, writing or commenting on it but I like the way the end is progressing.
    Linda Hamonou recently posted…Hump Day Hook 2: Demon SoulMy Profile

  3. I quite know what you mean about women (and even men) needing that experience at least once in their lifetime! It does help you grow tremendously! Lovely poem!!
    Roshni recently posted…Should I blog or should I write?My Profile

  4. Poetry is so subjective…what folks like/don’t like. I liked this. Seems like lots of ladies could relate, and the imagery through your words was delightful!

    • Nice to meet you, MIllie. :-) Glad you enjoyed this one. I know what you mean about poetry. Never thought I was that good at it, but it is fun to write. Thanks for visiting.
      Debbie recently posted…THE VACATIONMy Profile

  5. Poetry is not really my thing Debbie but you did good. I enjoyed that one, thanks for sharing.

    Adrienne recently posted…WordPress Plugins, Concerns and AdviceMy Profile

  6. Do we need the passion or the pain, at least once in a lifetime? Great poem!
    Karysa Faire recently posted…Snippet Sunday #20 The Car AccidentMy Profile

  7. Very moving, Debbie. Thank you. Talent lies in many directions, doesn’t it? Poetry is special.
    charmaine gordon recently posted…7/14/13 WEWRIWAMy Profile

  8. Great poem! I think pretty much everyone can related to the feeling.

  9. Oh, I hope you write more poetry, this is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it!
    AJ Bradley recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors: July 14, 2013My Profile

  10. Cool!! You can write poetry. I also like the row of dalmations with wagging tails.

    • I’m thrilled you like it Elaine, because I never thought I was any good at it. LOL Thank you! :-D
      Those are the cutest little Dalmatians, aren’t they? The Dalmatian is my personal mascot, as a tribute to our late, great, Tasha whom I have proclaimed to be the “World’s Greatest Dalmatian”. ♥ Thanks for visiting and have a good week. :-)
      Debbie recently posted…THE VACATIONMy Profile

  11. Well, you certainly have a talent for writing poetry! That was wonderful, Debbie! Kudos to you! :)
    Evelyn Jules recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors #23!My Profile

  12. I love poetry, can’t write it…today’s was very evocative and made me think about a certain bad boy in my past LOL – well done!
    Veronica Scott recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors Khenet Says Wait A MinuteMy Profile

  13. Oh great poem! Lots of emotion, very thought-provoking. I like poems that leave interpretation up to the reader.

    As far as my Magic Man, Rod Stewart explains it best:
    You’re just a dream and as real as you seem
    I ain’t that lucky

    Marcia recently posted…Weekend Writing Warriors 7/14/13My Profile

    • It really makes my day that you like the poem Marcia, because I’ve never thought I was any good at writing poetry. It sure is fun to do though! :-) Great Rod Stewart quote, from “Some Guys Have All the Luck”. Some guy will be lucky enough to meet you, I’m sure. Thanks for visiting.
      Debbie recently posted…THE VACATIONMy Profile

  14. I like it. Susan’s right about the last stanza. It has a desperation that is captivating.
    Jess Schira recently posted…July 14th’s #WeWriWa Writing SnippetMy Profile

  15. Nicely done poem (though I’m not a poet) – the last line progression is truly captivating and sad. Interesting #8
    Susan Stuckey recently posted…07/14 – WeWriWaMy Profile

  16. Better than I could ever do!!
    Linda recently posted…Humor • Re: Afraid of spidersMy Profile

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