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Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada, known as “The Doglady”. Writer/website owner, photographer, animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller. History, literature and cinema buff. Eternal “hippie/rockchick”. Binational, German/Canadian and multilingual. Looking for the next adventure!

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  1. Happy New Year Debbie ~ Nice selection of Vanilla Fudge – most of which I was able to see live sometime in the 70’s. One song they did was about .5 hour long and included a solo performance from each of them – not sure they ever recorded it but it was incredible. The organ player was most outstanding as he played with just one hand most of the night – until it was his time to shine, which he did with both hands!

    I’ll bet you are eating seafood at that restaurant at Niagara Falls – that would be a great New Years dinner that I hope you enjoy as much as I did the music 🙂

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Mike! 🙂 Thanks for the Vanilla Fudge story. So, when are you writing that book? 😉 Sadly, the Love Boat closed down, but there’s a fabulous Italian seafood restaurant right here in town now. We had a lovely dinner there on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for dropping in. Hope to see you again.